Author Topic: Please tell me what you encounter after you patched your arma to v1.18  (Read 500 times)

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I just installed the latest patch for ArmA (patch 1.18)

and I am experiencing some strange issues,
please anyone who installed this patch tell what you have encountered..

What I have noticed since the change are :
Radio Chatter voices becomes quiet and are sounding like if a soldier is shouting from a distance (except the player)

Group of soldiers will never get into the desired formation (they always form in "V" or "Staggered Col",no matter what formation you have ordered them)

My house patrol script stopped working...(it worked fine on 1.14)

AI behaving strangely
I blew up a Re-Fuel truck just infront of a patrolling soldiers(in SAFE,LIMITED mode)
I expected them to go prone or find cover (Or at least seek for what has happened)....but they never noticed what has happened..they just kept patrolling...
(One thing worst is even if the explosion killed one of them...they do nothing except patrolling)
In the above circumstance,I was the player who is the same side as the patrolling unit (and I blew the truck)
If i do this with my player being different side from the patrolling unit (i.e Soviet soldier)...the patrolling units do notice it and fight me back.......

The Goods
AI improved at night..
At before times,I was unable to crawl just 1m away from the enemy at night (behind him),and now it is possible...
also the AI without Night Vision spots me at midnight even if I am 100 m away from it can't see me...
(but AI still shoots me if he spotted me,no matter to where I run,he still see me and shoot me...)
Land Vehicle Drivers' driving skills are much improved...
i tested this with a truck and a BMP-2 (who are travelling from opposite directions on the same roads)
once they have faced each other,one of them slightly turned to left and the other to the right...and proceeded their journey..

| /  |
|  / |
|    |
the two "/" are the truck and the BMP-2...
The one on the upper side of the road is the truck and the lower the bmp-2(both facing each other)
BMP turns right and truck turns left....
which is what we can see in real life driving...........

Maybe this driving skill has already improved in patch 1.14 (I am not sure)

Just some ideas......
Very busy with life, business, and other stuff. Away from OFP for months. Not sure if I could get back onto it. :(