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Hey gents, I'm attempting to master the ArmA 2 Editor and am proud of having managed a helo pickup and insertion but the one aspect of this that really confounds me is the creation of the .html and .sql (or is it .sqm?) docs that need to go into the same folder as the mission file and which supply all briefing information. 

I do not have any experience in OFP/ArmA mission editing.  I have done a lot of searching around this forum but am at a big disadvantage because the illustrations with Cheetah's excellent guides are disabled, at least they are unrecognised by my PCs.

I'd be very grateful if someone could walk me through the basic steps to creating mission overviews, briefings, and how to include hyperlinks to areas of interest in the map/briefing windows in-game.  I have not been able to wrap my brain around how to script for ArmA 2 yet but all I want to do for the time being is attach a decent looking briefing etc. to my SP/MP coop mission.

Can anyone help, and/or supply templates that might make my life a bit easier?  Thank you.

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Re: Please help with basic briefing/overview information
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I highly recommend shk's Taskmaster if you're making multiplayer maps. Presumably it works for single-player as well although I haven't tried that.