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Garbage Collector Module - Discussion
« on: 08 Sep 2009, 14:21:49 »
Does anyone have any info more useful than the WIKI:

The Garbage Collector (GC) is a module that helps cleaning up dynamically created content. It is used by many other modules, since we cannot indefinately keep adding content while playing a mission. You may trash certain types of content and the module will remove it from the game in a hopefully smart way (for instance by removing a unit only when it is some distance away).

Doesn't say much at all. Does anyone have any additional input?

I'm afraid of taking it out of my mission (potential unit overload), but I have no idea how it really works.
Does the module only affect "ACM/SOM/ALICE spawned stuff" or does it do other things as well?

Grateful for any answers,


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Re: Garbage Collector Module - Discussion
« Reply #1 on: 08 Sep 2009, 15:24:29 »
I think it only works with the above things per default, and I have no clue how to operate it otherwise. Its biggest use is to clean up after the ACM.

I think that the garbage module is operating in most campaign missions. Crack Manhattan or Dogs of War open and have a look :)

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Re: Garbage Collector Module - Discussion
« Reply #2 on: 08 Sep 2009, 15:55:55 »
Use the FSM editor to understand what it does. It is really simple.  :good: