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[SP/MP Iron Front] Song of The Mud
« on: 29 May 2012, 12:11:16 »

Song of the Mud is a simple and straightforward mission for Iron Front and takes place in Ukraine in the summer of 1944. The setup is very simple: a small skirmish between russian and german forces. Both sides have firesupport from light armor/medium tanks. If you play the mission in Single player mode, you will be an AT-soldier on the russian side.

The mission may also be played as a multiplayer game - Coop or Deathmatch, depending on your mood. There are 18 playable infantry slots. The difficulty is aimed at beginners or causual gamers. If you are an experienced player: Switch of your crosshair, disable third person view and join the battle.

The title of the mission was taken from a poem by Mary Borden, a nurse of the great war 1914-1918.
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Re: [SP/MP Iron Front] Song of The Mud
« Reply #1 on: 20 Jul 2012, 14:43:01 »
Yay, first usermade mission for IronFront!


A very interesting picture, the tank seems to be rare.


Pretty straightforward, a stable camera showing a German vehicle column.


Not much information here, plus the map is missing. Is this an issue with ArmA2 briefings not working in IF?


Pretty straightforward too, just an easy defense of a fixed position. It involves killing a tank and fighting off one wave of infantry. Nothing fancy, but this is the first custom IF mission after all. No bugs spotted.


Missing at this stage of development.

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Re: [SP/MP Iron Front] Song of The Mud
« Reply #2 on: 05 Nov 2012, 03:23:20 »
Are there plans to update this project?