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Author Topic: Trigger doesen't activate with too much height?  (Read 276 times)
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« on: 07 Aug 2009, 21:24:47 »


Honestly as allways I recall you, scripting / editing gurus, as this dishonored bastard still has basic problems after YEARS of editing since OFP....

...or maybe not...

Well the problem is

I wanna make a HALO insertion

I use the BIS script, stolen by de-pboing the training mission (this script is useful but a bit buggy, but that's not the point)

For the heli I use Mando Heliroute (because if not, the god damm pilot won't never reach it's destination)

Of course is a HALO, the heli fliesinheight at 1500 mts

I place a wiiiide rectangle trigger in order to exec the script (where I want the units jump). Just a basic BLUFOR present, once....

... doesent fires....

Grouping the heli or the leader of the ejecting group...

....doesent fires....

Well, if I place the trigger very close to the heli start point then the trigger fires. So the trigger needs the units detected in a certain height?Huh?Huh??

Has this happen allways or it's an Arma 2 "feature"Huh?

Solution? I do not like to use "distance" because it is not sure the heli will reach whatever distance, and if it is too much, the units may eject so soon and fall on the water....

Thanks in advance...

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Suum cuique

« Reply #1 on: 08 Aug 2009, 05:14:40 »

I don't think the height is the problem: a Cobra at 2000m gets detected reliably.

Are you sure the units are where you think they are?

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« Reply #2 on: 08 Aug 2009, 18:55:20 »

Already checked this. I made the trigger deeper and now works... I suppose the planed passed by it so fast or something like that.

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I'm NOT back!

« Reply #3 on: 11 Aug 2009, 13:06:14 »

Or maybe it didn't actually pass. Se my answer in this thread.

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