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Re: OFPEC Refreshed!
« Reply #45 on: 13 May 2009, 15:47:38 »
I truly know of no other game that has such a following that spans nearly a decade now. Except Pac-man; hey theres an idea for a mod... :D

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Re: OFPEC Refreshed!
« Reply #46 on: 30 May 2009, 04:19:21 »
I see more new changes on the site!  :yes:

@savedby how bout Mrs Pacman vs Pacman Mod in a nice suburban domestic assault.   
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Re: OFPEC Refreshed!
« Reply #47 on: 24 Jul 2009, 19:51:20 »
I'm not sure if I like the login box on the front page requiring Javascript...  :scratch:

No, I am sure, I don't like it. But perhaps I am in the minority when I don't have Javascript enabled but only when I really really have to enable it.

I have the opinion that all "core" features of a website should not require Javascript, or any plugins like Flash etc.

In my ideological world Javascript would be used to enhance a website but it would not be required to use the website.

It's a matter of opinion, though, and I'm not saying my opinion is the correct one in all cases.

Overall the work done on the website is really good.  :clap:
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Re: OFPEC Refreshed!
« Reply #48 on: 29 Jul 2009, 12:18:33 »
The login function on the homepage and in the Depots is as you describe it: an enhancement.

Users can browse and make use of practically all parts of OFPEC without logging in. It's only when members want to post in the forum that they must log in, and there's a login button in the forum which doesn't require javascript.

In principle you're right and I agree, however our stats show you to be in a javascript-denying minority ;)