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[SP/COOP/ACE+OPXAfghan] 1-9 The Alamo v090 (BETA)
« on: 11 May 2009, 19:09:29 »
So against my own beliefs I decided to make addon dependent missions. My opinion though is that ACEmod and Opteryx's islands make ArmA what it should have been from the initial release.
If you don't have those addons I strongly recommend them.

Mission "1-9 The Alamo" by Laggy.

Public 0.90 Beta version.

Mission description: Intense hours for team Zulu, who completely outnumbered has to defend a U.S outpost (an old fortress nicknamed "The Alamo") that is being overrun by mujahideen insurgents in Kandahar region, Afghanistan.

ArmA version: 1.14

Needed Addons:
ACEmod 1.07 -
Opteryx' Afghan Village 1.0 -

Known bugs: None so far, but due to ACEmod's way of incapacitating seriously wounded units (looks like they are dead) you might have to walk around and "execute" some enemies to end the mission. If units are marked red on your map = not dead. Can't decide if I like this thing or not.

NOTE: This mission has been tested in MP, but feedback would really be appreciated since it might need some improvements.

Thanks to: All of you at the OFPEC forum.

Credits: ACEteam and Opteryx for their great work. Mandoble for his Air Support Console script. Nominesine for playtesting.

Missiontype: Multiplayer COOP, but SP is possible.
Players: 1-9
Mission Time: Around 60 min
Island: Afghan Village 1.0
Mission Version: 0.90 Beta
Intro: Yes (intergrated with the mission)
Parameters: Yes (Intro and Sandstorm options)
Time: Morning
Weather: Good

Missionwork: I wanted to create a serious atmosphere and a scary feeling of desperation and panic, a kind of "the last stand". Your team is more or less isolated and alone in trying to defend a fortress against a massive attack force trying to annihilate you and some fellow defenders who are already licking their wounds. Thanks to your Air Support and the walls of the fortress you do have a chance to win this battle even when it seems like all hope is lost. The mission is quite actionpacked and offers a lot of choice regarding player tactics, much thanks to ACEmod and Mandoble's script. If you don't work as a team and organize your defences well your chances are small. You'll experience good atmosphere, chocking events (I hope), desperate fighting, voice acting, custom music, custom sounds and custom scripts.


Hope you enjoy it. My wish is that I've created a fun mission.

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