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Author Topic: dumpConfigTree, 0.92  (Read 2939 times)
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Suum cuique

« on: 04 Mar 2009, 04:32:48 »

This version is for Armed Assault only. An ARMA2 version can be found here.

Here is a script that dumps the complete configuration tree (CfgAmmo, CfgVehicles, etc) to Window's debug output. I wrote it after reading this thread on dev-heaven.

dumpConfigTree.sqf, v0.92

  • Requires ArmAlib and DebugView.
  • Generates a full dump of the configuration currently used by the game.


2009-04-03: dumpConfigTree.sqf 0.92
- added missing instruction to the REAME (noticed by kju)

2009-03-09: dumpConfigTree.sqf 0.92
- fixed the wrong brackets for subarrays (reported by kju)

2009-03-05: dumpConfigTree.sqf 0.91
- fixed the wrong/missing brackets for arrays (reported by kju)

2009-03-04: dumpConfigTree.sqf 0.9
- initial release

Known bugs/limitations

- Some numbers are written in scientific notation, e.g. 1e+020 (reported by kju).
- The resulting dump has to be post-processed, i.e. DebugView's additional output has be removed.

* dumpConfigTree_v0.92_20090403.zip (3.21 KB - downloaded 226 times.)
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« Reply #1 on: 24 Feb 2012, 21:04:26 »

The above zip will not extract.  Error popup window says zip file empty.
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