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About this Board
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Historically OFPEC has only ever dealt with editing-related subjects, and all questions regarding technical issues with the software were referred back to Bohemia Interactive. More recently, we felt that the site could better serve its users by providing a board for these questions, containing information about the games and some handy links to the usual places where technical advice can be found.

Based on the latest generation technology, offering large-scale game world, authentic and extremely detailed modern units, weapons, vehicles and environments, challenging single player and vast array of multiplayer options - more details

Armed Assault: Combat Operations
A new game from the developers of Operation Flashpoint, this is a first person tactical military shooter with large elements of realism and simulation - more details

Operation Flashpoint: Elite
A successor to the PC version, OFP: Elite retains all the depth and immense content of the original game and includes both the original Cold War Crisis campaign along with the Resistance campaign for single player action - more details

Operation Flashpoint
The world famous Operation Flashpoint (OFP) series of games began with Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis in 2001, produced by BI and published by Codemasters - more details

While we don't have much experience dealing with purely technical issues with the software, there may be members who have had similar problems and solved them. Thus feel free to post questions about running the games in this board, but be aware that you might get a faster response from the following sources.

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