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Recruitment Lounge
« on: 04 Oct 2008, 23:15:54 »
The sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed the disappearance of the Recruitment Lounge from the forums.

It hasn't been killed, just revamped and moved to a page of its own, away from the forums.

It is now available via the rather large button labeled 'Recruitment Lounge' at the top right of the page, under the banner graphic.

Incorporated in the Recruitment Lounge you will now also find the List of Experts available for help with projects.
It is better for both these sections to be together as they are closely related and not really suitable in the forums, hence the separate page.



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Re: Recruitment Lounge
« Reply #1 on: 26 Jun 2009, 18:00:45 »
Some thoughts on the Recruitment Lounge.

A2 will definitely bring back activity. Still do you think its a good idea to separate it so much?

After all its the tiny link at the bottom and one(?) last item almost hidden  on the main page:

Not part of the forum, not part of the RSS, not part of view latest posts.
The format seems quite strict and limited too. Not sure if that will work out well.  :scratch:

At same time whats the difference between project presentation and recruitment?

Or is project presentation not meant to be made there either.

If not, thats okay. OFPEC doesn't have to offer this. At the same time you loose topics of
interest for people using the forum.

Thanks for reading.  :good:

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Re: Recruitment Lounge
« Reply #2 on: 28 Jun 2009, 11:33:02 »
There's a subtle distinction, but it basically comes down to this:

  • if you're looking for help with your project that you can't get asking questions in the forum, you post in the Recruitment Lounge
  • if you want to discuss general ideas about mission/addon making, with a view to stimulating debate or generating some inspiration for yourself, post in the respective discussion boards
  • if all you're doing is saying "hey everyone, I'm working on this", that's basically advertising and doesn't really have a place on OFPEC

Historically, the Recruitment Lounge is one of the least-used parts of the website and in that context it was fairly low on the list of priorities. I do agree it's a wee bit buried (as is the COMREF for that matter) but there's only so much we can cram on a page. Adding it to the RSS feeds is a very good suggestion, I'll look into that today.

OFPEC is all about actively helping as many people as possible. You could argue that "project presentation" helps those involved with the project get more exposure for that project, enticing other members to get involved, but unless you have a specific requirement for help, it's just advertising by a different name.

At the end of the day, there are many great websites serving the Community, and many of them thrive on exactly this sort of thing: keeping the Community up-to-date with new projects and work in progress. People don't come to OFPEC looking for that sort of thing, which is why we keep content strictly practical, helpful and focussed on editing.

EDIT - recruitment requests have been added to the general OFPEC RSS feed. Thanks for the suggestion  :good:
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