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Cwr Savegame patch (ACCEPTED)
« on: 12 Jan 2008, 09:07:56 »
this is a utility (and info) to patch an ofp mission to have retry savegames, since arma, wont allow that cheatsave. Naturally, and of course, you also need a copy of the cwr mod to play *ANY* ofp mission under arma.
Any ofp mission worth playing takes more than a few minutes to get thru. Many ofp missions
worth playing take an hour or more!

Unfortunately or otherwise, most mission authors have relied on your knowledge of the
cheatsave to get thru their mission.

For whatever reason, Arma accepts the cheatsave, but ignores it.

To make ofp missions less frustrating to play under arma, you need some form of save.

This patch, provides a retry mechanism.

To whit, it adds radio trigger 10 (Juliet) to the mission sqm.


You can either use the exe provided to automatically patch a mission folder, or, you can cut
and past the following and do it manually.


extract addsave.exe and the dll to any folder that gives you a thrill

syntax is

addsave SomeMissionFolder

addsave will alter the content of the mission.sqm, and either add, or alter the init.sqs in that




edit or create an init.sqs with the following line

10 SetRadioMsg "SaveGame";

Edit the mission.sqm

look for class Sensors under Class mission

if Class sensors doesn't exist, make one

the sensors class you find should look something like this

 class Sensors {
  items = 3;
  class Item0 {
  class Item1 {
  class Item2 {

2a) change items to



at end of current class itemN's, add a new one

it must read as follows

      class ItemXX // SEE BELOW
         text="Added retry";
         class Effects{};

ItemXX = one more than the last one

eg if class item2{

then your new addition is

class item3{

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