Author Topic: Progressive respawn point updating and flag captured (REJECTED)  (Read 889 times)

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Most importantly this mission implements some scripts I've written to create a system of progressive respawn points that move backwards and forwards across a map as the combatants fight it out. 

You can get the progressive respawn point example mission from here

It also uses earlier versions of my non playable AI respawn scripts and doMove scripts for individual units that you can find discussed here

The system could be further simplified by moving from a Boolean variable to define game state to a number variable and I will update it shortly.

This mission has not been fully tested on a dedicated server but if there are problems with the waypoints being updated consistently across all client PCs then this can easily be fixed with sleep after defining the updated gamestate variable.   

These scripts were first posted about 3 weeks ago on the BI forums

Spooner 2007-09-23: Rejected, since it lacks documentation and much of the coding is within mission objects, rather than scripts, which would make it difficult to install in another mission. Author has said that he may pick it up again at a future date.
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