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Kuro V2.0
« on: 03 Dec 2005, 06:14:53 »
Hallo All Around,

who ever wondered why i was so silent in the OFP/VBS Community lately. Please check the attached picture.

By the way: Release date was 21. November 2005

And i am looking forward to the multiplayer challenge 2015.

Yours Kuro
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Re:Kuro V2.0
« Reply #1 on: 03 Dec 2005, 11:31:55 »
Hello, hello!!

Congratulations mate!!!
Wishes of best of luck for your kid  ;D

And glad to have you back  :P


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Re:Kuro V2.0
« Reply #2 on: 03 Dec 2005, 11:59:24 »
Lordy. Never too early to start 'em up. :D


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Re:Kuro V2.0
« Reply #3 on: 03 Dec 2005, 13:19:04 »
He-hey! Congrats mate! :thumbsup: :cheers:

I count at least 5 OFP babies now born to the Flashpoint community, which is A LOT if you count the fact that most of the current fathers have been tied up to the computer and probably spending more time thinking of how to simulate a CAS bombing than on how to score some from their wifes/GF's.  ;D

Hopefully AA and Game2 will be released before the next generation gamers grow up, so we'll have an advantage to them!  ;)

Give my regards to the mother too Kuro, and don't forget to empty a bottle of whisky and smoke a cigar (or eat a banana).
Not all is lost.

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Re:Kuro V2.0
« Reply #4 on: 03 Dec 2005, 14:59:59 »
Well.....thats great another new father.

They're springing up all over the joint.

Thankfully I'm past all that child rearing business now.  
 ;D ;D

You have many years of fun ahead of you followed by many more years of torture challenging situations.  ;)

As Artak says smoke a banana (or eat a cigar), best whisky is of course a good mature single malt from Scotland.

Best regards to all your family Kuro.

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Re:Kuro V2.0
« Reply #5 on: 03 Dec 2005, 22:42:23 »
Yeap, there's definitely something in the water, with all these new guys popping up everywhere ;)

Congrats mate! He's a cute wee blighter ;D

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Re:Kuro V2.0
« Reply #6 on: 04 Dec 2005, 04:44:25 »
Ku-ro!  Ku-ro!   Ku-ro!

 :D :D :D
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Re:Kuro V2.0
« Reply #7 on: 08 Dec 2005, 05:14:06 »
Congratulations Kuro!

Man, I hadn't really realized you were gone until I saw your display name and my brain said "he hasn't been here in a while". Hard to keep track of all the off-and-on activity in the community.

Oh well. At least if you raise your little one on OFP, he won't have any noob questions when he gets on OFPEC like the rest of us did!

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Re:Kuro V2.0
« Reply #8 on: 08 Dec 2005, 17:25:00 »
Does that mean the next SEALs in Nam episode will be about changing diapers? 'Cause I don't think that'll work very well in OFP. :-\

In your honour, Kuro, I hereby resent this stupid *Gets Shot*-crap. Get another baby and I'll give up smoking too. ;D

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Re:Kuro V2.0
« Reply #9 on: 09 Dec 2005, 19:20:18 »

I had noticed your absence recently as I had become accustomed to testing out your new ever-so-useful scripts on a fairly regular basis. I, for one, are glad to see you have returned to the forums.

As the father of an 18 month old, I know all to well what happens to OFP time once one becomes a parent. If it were not for work, I would not have time to read and post here at OFPEC!  ;D

Enjoy all of the time that you can while they are small as they grow so quickly!
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