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Bad words
« on: 09 Dec 2005, 00:55:28 »
ok, i jst revied a mission, and i put D-A-N-G in the review a couple of times, but it sayed
i even typ D-A-N-G there, who's idea was this? i think its funny  ;D

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Re:Bad words
« Reply #1 on: 09 Dec 2005, 01:09:39 »
The forum software allows us to set up a bad word replacement thing.     Nobody is really in favour of censorship - this is the internet after all - but OFPEC is a family site and unnecessary unpleasantness is not required.

And yes, you're right, somebody with a sense of humour has set:

dang = a word that means the same thing as another very bad word

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Re:Bad words
« Reply #2 on: 09 Dec 2005, 02:39:24 »
LOL! ;D ok