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First Mission posted: Sniffer Dog
« on: 04 Jul 2005, 12:05:54 »
Hi all, this is the first mission I have posted, hope y'all like it, its fairly straightforward, but I think fun nonetheless, give it a try.

Issues I already know about: The cutscene is not scripted in the best possible way, began before I learnt about writing my own scripts, now I know, so Ill redo that when I get time.

Also, it can be too easy if you play it on cadet, so try veteran.

Let me know what your think.... :)

(Just unzip to your Operation flashpoint/ missions directory)

Edit: I know there was a bug in it that made OFP quit during cut scence, now fixed. Sorry.
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Re:First Mission posted: Sniffer Dog
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Moved to Missions - Beta testing  ::)
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