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« on: 10 Jul 2005, 18:24:13 »
member the movie "Cast Away"?
well i am makeing a mission kinda like it and a few things would help.
could some one make/ is there

some sort dude with tatterd pants and a shirt with holes
a suitcase or some sort of bag
a wood raft typ boat
a big fire

thanks in advance


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« Reply #1 on: 10 Jul 2005, 19:05:26 »
big fire = scripts in ed depot or CATs fire effects

raft = dunno

suitcase = I thought someone made one, would you need to carry it? Or maybe use a backpack addon

tattered clothes = OFP ppl are nasty nasty when they show skin, the only thing I can think of is someone made beat up civvies on awhile back... :P


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« Reply #2 on: 10 Jul 2005, 19:09:20 »
i need the raft more then the other things so is some one up to makeing it? u could use some log models from someplace and then like put a little sail on it or something?