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Music Player For OFP
« on: 07 Apr 2011, 07:34:56 »
Music Player
by Haroon1992


This music player can be used to play any songs put in an array.
You can use it in your mission or just for testing those new songs that you've implemented.
It's much quicker than testing those songs with triggers.


- copy the entire content provided in the "Description.ext for music player" file into your description.ext
- (create one if you don't already have)
- Define all the songs you want in the description.ext.

(For help on adding songs to the description.ext, please visit : Sound Tutorial by Bloodmixer )

- In your init.sqs, put an array with the name :
H_SongList and put all the songs you want to play/test in it.

For example :
Code: [Select]
H_SongList = ["track1","mycustomsong1","mycustomsong2","fallentohell","etc"] (NOTE : The name of the song is the name of the class of that song in description.ext)

- now you are ready to use the music player.

EXAMPLE (Skip if you already know how to launch.)

Action Menu :

- Put the following line in init.sqs to add the action to the player
Code: [Select]
player addAction ["Music Player","musicPlayer.sqs"]
- Open your mission, and save it.
- Now you can launch the player from the action menu.

Radio Trigger :

- put the same line of code above in the On Act box of the radio trigger
- Save the mission.
- Launch it from the radio menu.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to ask.  ;)

Modify and do whatever you want with this script. Just put up a little credit for me. :D

Very busy with life, business, and other stuff. Away from OFP for months. Not sure if I could get back onto it. :(