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Author Topic: is ofp2 out yet as ive only just startd with flashpoint  (Read 302 times)
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« on: 26 May 2005, 15:16:52 »

its just i see on the forum ppl going on about opf2 and am wondering is it out yet or is still being made as ive just moved over to flashpoint from legendofmir and playing blackhawkdown so am some wot of a big time noob on here
so plz bear with me as am just geting to grips with things lol Cool
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You want to talk about it, yes?

« Reply #1 on: 26 May 2005, 15:28:50 »

Hey darkwolf,

If you read the posts and news about OFP2 you've found a bit more carefully, you'll see that OFP2 is not out yet and is under development. But that's not all, there are twists to the plot and great rumors. You'll find it very exciting, trust me.

However, being strictly an editing related site, OFPEC doesn't (generally) allow discussion about OFP2 (the exception being the one open thread in this board).
All OFP2 related questions and queries can be pointed to BIS and other community members in the official forums at www.flashpoint1985.com  Smiley


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