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Snippet, Tutorial and Tool Submission
« on: 01 Oct 2002, 14:40:53 »
Hi all!

I just finished off the Snippet, Tutorial and Tool submission system ;)

You can now upload your script snippets, tutorials or tools to the server for inclusion into the OFPEC database.

There are two ways to access this feature.

At the moment the 'help' system is pretty thin, but it should be fairly self-explanatory. There are two stages to submitting anything. They are as follows:

1. Enter in details

You will need to enter in a range of details for your submission, and you do this on the first screen. You can hit 'Preview' at any time to check out what your description will look like in the snippet/tutorial/tool view once your submission is added.

In most cases, you'll use YaBBC code to format your message. This is exactly the same as the code used in the forum to make text appear bold etc. Click on the 'YaBBC' link from the submission screens to open a popup window with all the YaBBC code that can be used.

The interface will automatically enter in your user details, such as your username, IP and your email address (straight out of the forum preferences).

If you have any special instructions for the staff, place them in the 'Notes to staff' box. The staff will read this prior to cancelling the 'pending' status of your submission. For example, if you are submitting a tool, tutorial or snippet that is replacing an existing submission - a new command reference for example - then you would put that information in the notes to staff box.

Once you are happy with your details and description, click on 'Next'.

2. Upload files

It is even easier to upload your files. Simply use the browse button to select a main file (containing the script snippet, tutorial or tool) and the second browse button to select a screenshot (if you have one).

Obviously I have allowed only one file and one screenshot per submission.

Click on 'Submit' to actually upload the files, or 'Back' to go back to editing the details.

After hitting 'Submit', the files will upload (may take a long time if you have a slow connection), and then the confirmatory screen will be displayed. A popup window will open displaying your submission. Note, however, that your submission will not be visible in the listings until a staff member has checked your submission and removed the 'pending' status.

You don't need to do anything once you hit 'submit' - staff will regularly check for new submissions.

Once you submit, your upload can not be modified by anyone but the staff (at this stage).

Following are some minor points on each type of ed depot submission.

Script Snippets

Script snippets are 'snippets of code' that people can use in their missions.

If you have made a script snippet, place both the script file(s) and an example mission into a .zip file and upload the whole lot to us.

If it is a very simple snippet, simply enter the script into the 'description' text box and don't worry about including a seperate .zip with the example mission.

Please, always write comprehensive instructions in the description text box.


Tutorials tell people how to do certain things in OFP. We can't have too many tutorials, so start writing! :D

You have two ways to post your tutorial on the site:

  • Write the tutorial in Word or a text editor, .zip it up and upload it, or
  • Enter the tutorial directly into the 'Tutorial Body' text box on the 'Submit Tutorial' page.

If you enter the tutorial directly, it will appear in the 'tutorial view' popup window, and the user won't have to download the file, then open it in Word or something.

If you have heaps of screenshots, you'll need to email them to me seperately and i'll upload them for you, and fix the links in your tutorial (until I work out a way for people to upload multiple files effectively).

Now you can use YaBBC for the tutorial body, or html. If you have complex tables in your tutorial then you'll need to check the 'use HTML' text box. Otherwise, YaBBC should be fine.


Tools are third-party utilities or applications that enhance OFP editing in some way.

Tool upload is very simple, and is the same as for script snippets. Enter in the details, choose a file and a screenshot, and hit submit.

The End

Please, if you have something worthwhile sitting on your hard drive, submit it to us! We want to keep growing, and that is why I took the time to build this feature.

I will now turn my attention to the actual ed depot interface (where all tutorials, snippets and tools are displayed). Once I make it a little more user friendly, i'll consider the first iteration of the new editors depot complete ;)

any questions?


There is now a 'pending' link in the left nav bar in the editors depot to allow you to view all pending submissions. If you make a submission, it'll be visible on the 'pending' page until a staff member releases it. ::)
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