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Guys riding on top of vehicles
« on: 23 Nov 2004, 21:43:19 »
Where does one go to ask about errors?  My game was running fine on Win98 and now on XP Home, after reinstalling fully, my guys ride on top of vehicles !!

There is an error at start of missions, mentioning a function exact name forgotten, but it is in config.bin.

I have 5 config bin files among my various folders under OPF, due to addons.  

Which one wins?  Solutions?

Why no forum for similar problems?

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Re:Guys riding on top of vehicles
« Reply #1 on: 24 Nov 2004, 02:06:06 »
OFPEC is specifically an editing related site.    As a matter of quite deliberate and long standing policy it is not a general OFP site.

There are many arguments both for and against this position.    All of which were rehearsed in some detail several years ago.    OFPEC aims to be the best at what it does, and does not include that at which it is not the best.

The official forums, at, offer a much wider forum experience.   ;)   Which has both benefits and drawbacks.  Including a choice of troubleshooting boards which, hopefully, will illuminate the answer to your problem.

But one thing upon which OFPEC prides itself is a warm welcome to everybody, whether that welcome leads immediately to bosom-clasping, or redirection to another, more useful and helpful forum.        So thank you for posting, and good luck in finding the answer.

Loons riding on vehicles btw, is something people spend years trying to perfect, so enjoy it while you've got it.

OFP can run fine under both Windows XP and Windows 98.   Although, since all versions of Windows are quite spectacularly awful, this is a great wonder and mystery to us all.    In no sphere of life other than software design is incompetance of this magnitude even imagined, never mind  encountered.

Plenty of reviewed ArmA missions for you to play

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Re:Guys riding on top of vehicles
« Reply #2 on: 24 Nov 2004, 02:10:33 »

As macca suggested, try over at the official forums.

They'll be able to help you much more than we can ;)

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