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Gunship Style UH60-MGs
« on: 22 Aug 2004, 21:25:43 »
       Hello Folks. As you may already know, the UH60 MG Helicopter's firepower is generally useless for attacking. So, with this script it allows AI Helis to fly in a circle around a target marker and blast anything within the area. The main reason that the UH60 was so useless was that it went into combat head on. With these scripts, you can execute a circle-target-and-fire- at-it command. Easily used anywhere.

Known Bugs:
Accuracy of the AI Gunners are cr*apple.  However the gunner has a good ability for suppression fire and for shooting soft target vehicles; Ex: Ural Trucks filled with unsuspecting Russian soldier.

Anyway, thought i might list it here before sending it. It still needs some work. I would be happy if people commented(In a positive manner  :-X).

!!!!!!!!!If nobody has a problem with it for 2 more days, i'll review it, and send it to the editers depot. !!!!!!
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Re:Gunship Style UH60-MGs
« Reply #1 on: 24 Aug 2004, 18:22:19 »
Not bad at all. I tried this too a few month ago without succes.
I love it, especially when I'm the gunner :D

It's a bit like an Indian-attack on a convoy  8)
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