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Matt Walter

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U.S. and Russia vs China or somthing.
« on: 03 Aug 2004, 03:44:19 »
I would love to have a campaign that Russia and The United States fight together.

Campaign Idea: China has invaded Russia, this campaign will take place on islands of course. The U.S. is helping Russia repeal the invasion. I would love this campaign to have some urban fighting in it.

The part you come in: I could use some help making Russia and the U.S. working together- not killing each other- and making Chinese units. If it is to hard making Chinese units, I could just use Resistance units.


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Re:U.S. and Russia vs China or somthing.
« Reply #1 on: 03 Aug 2004, 18:51:27 »
My guess here, is that you'd have to make some addons.  One, just take a copy of the BIS Soviet units, and change the config so it's place under Resistance side.  Two, some Chinese addons, placed on the east side.  I'm not sure of a way to have EAST and WEST sides cooperate against the RESISTANCE side.
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Re:U.S. and Russia vs China or somthing.
« Reply #2 on: 03 Aug 2004, 23:27:23 »
Yes, it's nice to have the U.S. and Russians fighting together, as oppose to each other.

You could do a it a very tedious way. The 'ol set-U.S./Russian leader-to-U.S./Russian troops-and-then-delete-the-leader-so-it-looks-like-they're-on-the-same-side.

As for them fighting the Chinese, you could make them Resistance, then have the Resistance friendly to 'Nobody', or you could have Russian units use the trick above to be considered on the 'West' side and have the Chinese under East (Since they're in Asia and would be placed under 'East').

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