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to macguba
« on: 05 Jul 2004, 23:38:22 »

I just cant refrain myself to share the amazement that I feel about the work that you're doing on this site.

No question is not good enough to be answered.
Your tone is always courteous and you really try to solve the problem.

I dont know where you find the energy to do that everyday but be assure that it is appreciated.


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Re:to macguba
« Reply #1 on: 05 Jul 2004, 23:43:09 »

* Artak declares this day to be the official 'macguba - your friend' -day

go mac go!  ;D  :thumbsup:

ps. I too have noticed that the poor chap has no other life than this. We shall not hold it against him though.  ;)
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Re:to macguba
« Reply #2 on: 06 Jul 2004, 10:16:02 »
I would also congrats the rest of the OFPEC staff and administration and the veterans (such as Artak above) . Hooray for them! Wouldn't be as fun and valuable without them. :D

Change it to 'OFPEC - Your editing center in arms day' :)

EDIT: Damn! That was yesterday you posted that. Now we have to make the OFPEC day today. ;D

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Re:to macguba
« Reply #3 on: 06 Jul 2004, 12:05:32 »
Heheheh suffice to say - work from home - on the computer all day - no boss standing over me - inevitable consequence...  ::)    And as Armsty said, it's not just me, there are a lot of boys and girls out there doing their bit for ofpec.

Thanks for the thought.    Much appreciated.  :thumbsup:
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Re:to macguba
« Reply #4 on: 06 Jul 2004, 14:05:02 »
And your always so easy to understand...  ;)  ;D
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Re:to macguba
« Reply #5 on: 06 Jul 2004, 20:47:14 »
I'll 6th that, macguba tone and helpfullness is great and he has helped many a person with their BETA missions and editing queries. THANKS MACGUBA. ;D


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Re:to macguba
« Reply #6 on: 07 Jul 2004, 00:58:29 »
C'mon guys, you're makin the rest of the ofpec staff jealous.  >:(:gunman: ;D

Anyways he does a great job as does the rest of the OFPEC staff. Just outstanding work by all.:thumbsup:


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Re:to macguba
« Reply #7 on: 07 Jul 2004, 05:01:55 »
Some people just go above and beyond.  I try, but sometimes RL catches up...

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Re:to macguba
« Reply #8 on: 07 Jul 2004, 22:26:17 »
I am quite new to this site and I must say I have been very impressed by the patience and courtesy of everyone I have found here.  But in addition the time macguba spends on helping people is just incredible.


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Re:to macguba
« Reply #9 on: 08 Jul 2004, 08:25:00 »
I agree!

Macguba and everyone at OFPEC that has the time and gives the time to continue to make it a great place deserve recognition :) , a big fat kiss  :-* , and a  :-X !    :P   ;D  

Also a round o' beers:




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Re:to macguba
« Reply #10 on: 12 Jul 2004, 00:05:32 »
Absolutely. ;D

Macguba is always around, and is always willing to help out. This is rare, and is greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:

And, of course, the rest of the OFPEC team should be honoured, as they are giving up whatever social lives they have to keep the OFPEC up and running, and to give us the efficient and comprehensive editing resource we have today. As volunteers (something I can sympathise with :P).

It's a sad and lonely life as OFPEC staff, I imagine... :P ;D

May glorious songs and stories be told of you in years to come.

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