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(Review Completed) [SP] Operation Firelord
« on: 01 Aug 2010, 17:20:45 »
This mission has been reviewed and is available from the Missions Depot.

Many people are likely to have problems when running this mission using a version of OFP later than that with which it was created - they are unable to proceed with the mission or cutscenes don't conclude. Hence, some Do's and Don'ts to hopefully prevent situations in which the scripting / cinematics get stuck. You might also wish to skim through this thread at the official BI forums.

Getting Started

For OFP CWC v1.46
You should have few problems:
   - Put EditorUpgrade102.pbo (included with the mission) into your <OFP>\AddOns folder.
   - Copy firelord.Cain.pbo into <OFP>\Missions
   - Start OFP and select 'Operation Firelord' from the Missions list.

For Resistance / GOTY
It would be best if you recompiled the mission:
   - Install a Resistance Editor Addon (such as Mikero's Editor103).
   - Copy firelord.Cain.pbo into the Missions folder of your choice.
   - Use PBO Decryptor, or the tool of your choice (such as WinPBO), to Unpack firelord.Cain.pbo
   - Replace video.sqs with that attached to this post (created by NeMeSiS).
   - Use a text editor on mission.sqm so that the addons section at the start looks like this:
Code: [Select]
  - if you want to, use Make PBO or similar (such as WinPBO) to pack the firelord.Cain folder back into a pbo. Delete the unnecessary folder once you have done this.
   - start OFP as normally and browse your way to the folder containing 'Operation Firelord'.

Do's and Don'ts

Do play in Cadet mode so that you can see your waypoints.
Don't get into / out of a vehicle unless instructed. Don't take your time about it either.
Do use savegames (cheats if need be) after cutscenes, before you do anything.

Do try to have fun and play the mission in the spirit in which it was created.
Don't forget that that was almost nine years ago.
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