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Re:Tour de Force (SP for Nogova)
« Reply #30 on: 12 Sep 2003, 15:42:35 »
There is a certain truth to it being overly difficult. My biggest problem is with the enemy snipers.

Yeah, they can be a pain, but since they can only have certain pre-assigned spots, and are static, you can spot them if you look hard enough.

But have you played any of the latest versions (V1.35+) in Veteran mode recently?
What gives me the biggest headaches right now (when I play it myself) are the patrols in Varta, that sneak up you when you get spotted (they come from the sides and the rear) . They're stealthy, they got Bizons, and they keep wiping out half my squad before we realize what's happening. And since their startpoints are random, and they're reacting to what you're doing, it's impossible to predict where they're coming from.
I have to resort of all kinds of weird tactics - circling back, setting up diversions and traps, and breaking up my group in two in order to survive them.
They only show up in Veteran mode, but they're nasty...
(They aren't 'cheating' though in order to track you down. They do have a real base camp, and they only use the information they get from other units that spotted you. So you can somehow outsmart them. But they are a real PITA ... ;) )
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Re:Tour de Force (SP for Nogova)
« Reply #31 on: 13 Sep 2003, 19:45:45 »
But have you played any of the latest versions (V1.35+)
Yes, the latest.
in Veteran mode recently?
I only play in VETERAN mode. 8)

Edit: This mission has been reviewed and is available from the Missions Depot.
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