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New tracers??
« on: 13 Jun 2003, 16:10:02 »
I've been trying, without success, to make a script where runway marker lights (from the addon) follow a bullet once fired, to look like tracer, as the OFP tracers are crap;

_missile = nearestObject [player,"M60"]

trace = "SmallRunwayMarkerGreen" camcreate [(getpos _missile select 0), (getpos _missile select 1), (getpos _missile select 2)]

trace inflame true

trace setpos [(getpos _missile select 0), (getpos _missile select 1), (getpos _missile select 2)]
? isNull _missile : exit
goto "loop"

the script is called from an event handler "fired".

it doesn't work at all and I have no idea what I'm doing. This is where i got to from playing with that bullet cam script.