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Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP/CAMP] Underdogs
« Last post by Undeceived on Yesterday at 22:02:37 »
Ok, 10-15 times are way too many times too. :D I'll take a look at the cut scenes. An if()then{} check in combination with a variable (e.g. _thisCutsceneWasWatchedAlready) should hopefully do it. If I run into trouble I'll get back to you.

Thanks a lot, guys!
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP/CAMP] Underdogs
« Last post by Clayman on Yesterday at 20:54:00 »
Yeah, that was quite a tricky one. Took me several attempts to beat (not nearly 50, rather 10 or 15 or sth). It was a completely different challenge. But that's exactly the point. Undeceived, you do something that most mission creators today don't do at all: You tell a story. It's this very special, unique style which I so much enjoy. It's rather an interactive movie than an arma mission, just like ftloaf. So I'll never complain about your design.  ;)
BUT: I have to agree with h- here: Although I totally love your cinematics, watching the same cutscene over and over and over again is indeed quite annoying.
ArmA - Editing/Scripting General / Re: .PAA texture format
« Last post by h- on Yesterday at 07:39:51 »
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP/CAMP] Underdogs
« Last post by Undeceived on 27 Mar 2017, 20:16:20 »
I'll see what I can do with the cut scenes so that the player doesn't need to watch them again.

The killer can be killed though, Clayman at could finish it. Nevertheless I increased the time the player has to kill him. Coming up in the version too.
ArmA - Editing/Scripting General / .PAA texture format
« Last post by UH60MG on 27 Mar 2017, 13:05:52 »

Does anyone know of a good .paa file reference? I read the one from BI but its not comprehensive (I'm trying to write pixels to the file using a program)
Played 'Dawn Attack' just now but it won't end, the Somato and CP objectives won't get ticked even though all friendlies have long seized searching around Somato and actually stand on western end of it as a huge cluster.

The CP was empty, just some unoccupied vehicles there.

Dunno if it not ending is due to the old 'hunt for the last bush-ruskie' or the fact that one of my guys got shellshock after the first objective and refused to move :dunno:

Got some missing modelDefault errors every now and then around the first objective (I guess something borked with the Shilkas because their muzzleflashes were always visible), also error about missing sandbag fix addon, like in the previous mission.

Also, I thought I was losing my mind but for some unfathomable reason all the radio talks and shots had a long reverb on them, a bit perplexed as to where that came from. ???

Anyhoo, on second try the mission ended properly.

Effective Enemy Fire went without a hickup, apart from the annoyance that the mission ended just the same second when some MGer nailed three of my guys in a row (and was obviously killed by someone as well)..
Oh, and that missing RAE_sandbagFix error popped up in the beginning.

The same error actually prevents me from playing the next one, Force Majeure. Kicks me back to mission selection screen..
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP/CAMP] Underdogs
« Last post by h- on 26 Mar 2017, 18:17:27 »
I'm sorry but simply can't finish this because I have now watched the damn slow-mo cutscene at the containers for like 30 times or more and obviously failed equal amounts of time..  >:(

I was able to once even hit the guy but apparently he is wearing some Level 4 BIS'd Armor because I pumped a half a mag into the guy and he just grunted couple of times and shot me in the face (for the 30+th time).

I don't really get how you could ever win this, probably now tried 50 times and the guy sometimes shoots me basically before the player character becomes responsive after the cutscene..  :no:

Do something about this cutscene stuff because it's seriously annoying having to watch the thing million times only to be killed 0.6 seconds after it finishes and watch it again..
You should make it so that if the cutscene has been seen once it would continue from right after player's guy gets his weapon when you die and have to reload (savegame doesn't have to be on that point, some scripting  with missionEventHandler "Loaded" should do the trick).
Don't lose faith. Some of us just have more going on in RL than we use to and our game time becomes a choice of whether to just play a little or test one of the other projects. I keep meaning to test H-'s tool before getting back to yours and then on to Undeceiveds' campaign and I will eventually.
OFP - Editing/Scripting General / Re: Names for functions
« Last post by SoldierEPilot on 25 Mar 2017, 20:15:40 »
Let a clearance be a "fit function".

"building_positions" IMO looks good enough.
What can you recommend for the rest 2?

// added
delim_point alternatives: section, midpoint, section_point.
Which one is better?
OFP - Editing/Scripting General / Re: Names for functions
« Last post by h- on 25 Mar 2017, 17:58:55 »
I don't really see the point in trying to force function names short (the game itself doesn't care) :dunno: , and making short and clear names starts be a bit of an oxymoron really.

I'd rather try to name them so that the name of the function pretty clearly tells you what it does (someone starting up just gets confused if the function name is too 'codery') regardless of the length.
Like for example BIS' own function that returns the building positions of a given building (in A2/3) is called BIS_fnc_buildingPositions; it's pretty clear on what it does although getBuildingPositions would have been clearer still I guess.

So can't really see how delim_point or elevation_angle/z_angle could be made shorter and clear at the same time. :dunno:
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