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Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP/CAMP] Underdogs
« Last post by Undeceived on 12 Jul 2017, 09:14:29 »
I'll check this out. Thanks a lot!

Normally it should go like this:
Pick lock, enter building, close the entrance door, crouch, pick office door lock, boot up PC and copy stuff, pull stick/shut down PC, leave.

The guard will catch you if:
He has a line of sight on you outside, if he sees you standing in the office.

He'll go inside the building and check out the office if:
You leave the first (entrance) door open and he sees it open. But, if you're ready and finished copying, you can hide between the cars so that he passes you while going to the office.
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP/CAMP] Underdogs
« Last post by mathias_eichinger on 10 Jul 2017, 17:32:54 »
I am playing version 1.4 which can also be found on Steam.
I am unhappy to report there is a new bug in here. I paid attention to my stance and closed the door, and suddenly, a few seconds before the USB stick pinging to signal that the copy is complete the door busts open and the guard arrives. I loaded my savegame twice to make sure I did not accidentally hit the action menu.
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP/CAMP] Underdogs
« Last post by Undeceived on 09 Jul 2017, 12:16:16 »
Hi mathias, if you're not lying on the ground or crouching, he will always catch you. Booting up with the monitor cable doesn't make him catch you, he only will say something about the company and that's it.
He'll catch you depending your stance or if you leave the back door open (then he'll check out what's going on).

I suppose you're playing with the latest version found here?
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP/CAMP] Underdogs
« Last post by mathias_eichinger on 02 Jul 2017, 11:52:46 »
Hey undeceived,

I just retried this campaign and I am already stuck with the first mission. Even when I boot up the PC with a pulled monitor cable to avoid the monitor's brightness to alert the guard, he always finds me. What am I doing wrong?
OFP - Addons & Mods General / Re: Function pack
« Last post by SoldierEPilot on 27 Jun 2017, 22:03:54 »
This is the version 2.5: fast, smart and clear.

Hey Clayman, the link is not functional any more. Would you care to re-upload somewhere?
Well, finally made it through with Mala Fide.

What I did I hid with my guys in a farm house, and after the waves of enemies had passed (killing 4 of my guys because they can't keep their fingers off the triggers) we then headed back to base following the coast line, encountered an enemy patrol which took out 2 of my guys in the firefight.
Then it was just running to home, no enemy to be seen apart from the plane circling above doing nothing.
I did hear sporadic MG fire every now and then which then turned out to be a lone RACS tank taking pot shots at the circling plane.

The city was a ghost town, didn't see any indication of anyone ever being there (apart from the smoking armor wrecks on the way there) which is a bit weird considering that there was some fighting going on (I presume). :dunno:

Naked Flame was a cakewalk, we boarded the armed Humwees and executed dare I say beautiful attack on the gun site, took probably less than minute to take it out.
There was a moment of confusion though before I remembered that the guns don't have destroyed models, or if they do they really don't look destroyed..

I knew it was a huge risk for frustration to have AI drive vehicles but for some reason it was basically flawless. Wonders never seize..  :P

Seems that Op Psionic is a bit fud  :hmmm:
We come to the LZ (at the beginning of the mission) and the chopper door gunners start to engage something (UAZ, something else too I guess). The chopper touches down and we start to get out but only two of us make it out of the chopper until it lifts up fast so the rest of my guys fall to their deaths (the second one out after me also gets wounded)..
Then I got shot by someone somewhere so I helplessly laid on the ground watching a dead SEAL pile grow as the guys dropped out of the chopper.

This an age old problem with AI choppers, I think it still exists in Arma3 too.

I have tried this a few times now and the mission is fud, either the above described happens or some variations; like the chopper trying to land, then rising up again and trying again and suddenly my guy shouts "Go go go!" and automatically jumps out of the chopper to my death because we were like 30m in the air still.

Hot LZ is something that is bound to fail in any Arma..

You could try settings the chopper (and it's crew) to allowFleeing false because IIRC some BIS AI dev said the reason why choppers retard out in combat is because they want to flee.
What I don't get is though that since they know why that happens why the hell don't they fix it, because the chopper AI is still a complete retard in the most recent Arma3..  :scratch:
There should be a savegame in there.

To beat Mala Fide, you don't fight. As soon as you enter the village, and radio back that you're doing so, it triggers the enemy counter attack. That's your cue to bug out or hide. The mission is the enemy's only consolidated effort to push the Americans back. They throw a good half of their assets at you so you should really get an ass kicking. You should manage to limp back, after crawling through bushes and long grass, with very few of your men left if any at all.

I wanted to bring back some of the feeling from the old Flashpoint missions where you were really struggling to stay alive and where you had that feeling of impending doom every time you ran from bush to bush.

That's all well and good if the game doesn't want you to throw yourself out of the window though.

If you skip, you miss a cutscene. If you're happy to skip a cutscene then do it. That's why I released them as single missions.
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP] Up to No Good
« Last post by h- on 24 May 2017, 07:55:03 »
Thanks for testing :)

The problem is though that the mission is like 2 years old (the public version) so it has a ton of stuff that has been broken during that time. :(
Although, as a few months ago when I imported the mission into Eden I couldn't get the mission to freeze/crash as reported by you and Undeceived. It did however produce a literal ton of scripting errors so the problem may lay therein.

Basically showing a conversation among an officer and snipers, but absolutely silent - no spoken lines, to title text, no nothing.
Well that's a new one.
Never seen that happen myself, but it has been like 2 versions of A3 since  tested this last.

I hope I get to update this mission at some point, just have so much to do there are not enough hours in a day :(

Should probably remove the download link for the time being :P
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP] Up to No Good
« Last post by mathias_eichinger on 23 May 2017, 21:05:22 »
Here's my test for this mission:


Good picture and descriptive text, but it says version 1.41 despite I clicked on the 1.45 link.


Very tidy and informative as well.


Basically showing a conversation among an officer and snipers, but absolutely silent - no spoken lines, to title text, no nothing.


I like the sound effects (wind sound), are these custom?
I chose the castle ruins OP  and among the way I got to enjoy some radio message sounds, that are clearly computer-generated, but I have to say they do not sound as appalling as other machine voices.

I turned out that the castle ruins were crawling with enemy and upon contact, my mate and I automatically decided to exfil rather than to pursue the mission. I then opted for exfil point A.

However, at a distance of 1.2 kms into the exfil zone, the game suddenly froze. Reloading did not help.
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