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OFP - Editing/Scripting General / Re: Fwatch 1.13 for CWA in action
« Last post by faguss on Today at 01:55:54 »
You can access root dir like you would in standard OFP scripting (more info here). Target file must be plain text.

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OFP - Editing/Scripting General / Re: Fwatch 1.13 for CWA in action
« Last post by SoldierEPilot on Yesterday at 23:04:35 »
is it possible somehow to implement ":class" commands 4 unpacked campaign?
I've tried the same things like with editor mission, it doesn't work.
Should I use some path or just wait 4 FW114 ???
OFP - Editing/Scripting General / Re: Fwatch 1.13 for CWA in action
« Last post by faguss on 26 Nov 2014, 22:05:33 »
You have syntax error in function f_getAllEmpty (unnecessary semi-colon in the line with nearestObject) and you might want to use additional call in f_getAllMarkers (_m=_m+[call (...)]).


Keep in mind that the command works with unpacked / unrapified / unbinarized files so I think the use is rather limited. 1.14 will be able to unpack PBO so that may help a bit.

I wrote "class" commands specifically for the Config Editor (still unfinished) so that's why they wrap data around quotes.

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cost=10 becomes
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Later I realized that the command can be used for other things so 1.14 features option to disable stringification and hence save time.

These commands also enable prospect of a 3D Mission Editor but I don't know if I'll ever get around to create that.
I wish you luck. I am also hunting for OFP mods. Other than and I have no good suggestions. If you find any other sites still up I'll let you know. I plan on emailing Avon lady to see what he's got.
OFP - Addons & Mods General / Download link for Karrillion's RTS 3
« Last post by MarianaJoyce94 on 15 Nov 2014, 14:06:58 »
So, I just pick up my pc from the store to get it cleaned since it was full of virus and stuff that slows my pc down and I just found out that they accidentally deleted all of my OFP game addon and mod file. Im currently searching the whole Internet for the lost addon and mod files and I managed to restore some of it (FDF,FFUR,WW4,VTE) which takes days to download and I'm still missing my fav Karrillion RTS 3. I've been to this link and this link but with no luck  :weeping:
Is there someone willing to help me or at least link me to the download. pleaseeee  ;)
Inspired by:    
A Selous Scout operation during the Rhodesian Bush War



-One folder for use in the editor (feel free to learn and copy from this mission).
-One pbo that goes into the "missions" folder to play right away.

In their very brief history  of just seven years, the Selous Scouts won a fearsome reputation as the best and most effective bush soldiers in Africa.
The regiment acted as a combat reconnaissance force and accounted for 68% of all terrorists killed  in the Rhodesian War - whereas the Scouts only suffered 36 own casualties.

First Release
Known Issues:
None at this time.


Have fun and plese provide feedback,

General Announcements / MOVED: New Addon's
« Last post by h- on 14 Nov 2014, 20:49:05 »
OFP - Addons & Mods General / New Addon's
« Last post by Melo on 14 Nov 2014, 17:46:36 »
Am New So I Have Some Addons And Videos :)
OFP - Addons & Mods Beta Testing / Re: OFP:Res -- Star Wars Add-ons
« Last post by flossingdino on 13 Nov 2014, 19:49:32 »
With 1313 cancelled this is the closest we will get to an adult oriented Star Wars game.
OFP - Editing/Scripting General / Re: Fwatch 1.13 for CWA in action
« Last post by Lone~Wolf on 12 Nov 2014, 19:40:28 »
Brilliant stuff as usual. Now all I need is time, which I might have some of in a few months.
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