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 on: Yesterday at 16:44:08 
Started by flashist - Last post by Raptorsaurus
I think if you increase the maxspeed the AI will shoot lower. You have to mess with the initspeed, maxspeed and thrust to get optimum AI performance. The problem is that somtimes when it works right for AI, then the player might have problems. You can make different AI ammo than player ammo and use an init event handler to check if the unit is a player. If they are a player, then swith their ammo to the player version.

 on: 09 Apr 2014, 02:17:13 
Started by GW - Last post by savedbygrace
What sort of help? He answered your first question a year and half ago. You want to join a group? Make sure you have named that group in it's leaders init field.
Alpha = group this

Then when you need the player or any unit to join that group, just place in a trigger or script
Player join Alpha
CustomNamedUnit join Alpha

To remove the player or unit from his current group place this in a trigger or script
player join GrpNull
CustomNamedUnit join GrpNull

You could also do this using waypoint orders such as "Join" or "Join and Lead".

 on: 08 Apr 2014, 08:14:58 
Started by GW - Last post by GW
any help for thread question? Roll Eyes

 on: 05 Apr 2014, 23:03:08 
Started by SoldierEPilot - Last post by SoldierEPilot
Idea #1

 on: 03 Apr 2014, 16:22:46 
Started by SoldierEPilot - Last post by Lenyoga
I've been thinking of ways to simulate ammunition that's having a different effect on different targets. (In my case armor piercing rounds for robots, turrets, etc., anti-personnel rounds for anything human)
What I used so far was a "fired" EH for the player unit which adds activates a global variable for the duration of the special bullet's lifetime, and a "hit" EH for potential target units which checks if the player did the damage, and if this variable was activated during the hit. It works alright for me, but only on distances, because the fired EH takes a few frames to register for bullets.

So, now the actual thing - do you have any good ideas for checking if a unit has been hit by a specific ammo type?

 on: 02 Apr 2014, 19:42:52 
Started by SoldierEPilot - Last post by SoldierEPilot
This is the question for all OFP scripters.

Imagine, what you/me/anyone can add to OFP any types of EventHandlers.
What EHs would you like to add?

P.S. I don't want to work with dlls, winapi or send wishlist to BIS Cheesy
I just experiment with scripts, which can work similar to AddEventHandler/

 on: 26 Mar 2014, 03:52:16 
Started by KEVIN_OFP - Last post by savedbygrace
When you post; below the red text that reads "Additional Options" You will see a browse button. Below that browse button, you will see allowable file types. It reads this
Allowed file types: doc, gif, jpg, mpg, pdf, png, txt, zip, rar, sqs, sqf, ext, htm, html, xls,
Maximum attachment size allowed: 4048 KB, per post: 4
If your image does not meet those file types, you won't be able to upload it. Your mission must be zipped up and a readme included in the zip file.

  • Copy your mission pbo into a new folder
  • Copy and paste the attached readme file into that folder
  • Fill out the necessary areas within that readme
  • Insert an image of your mission into that folder
  • Zip up the folder
  • Modify your first post title
  • Modify the first post body with what I stated above
  • Press Additional Options
  • Browse to your zipped folder
  • Press more attachments and browse to your mission image
  • Post it

Please take the time to view a few other mission threads and see how their first posts are.

 on: 25 Mar 2014, 23:33:35 
Started by KEVIN_OFP - Last post by KEVIN_OFP
Thank you savedbygrace.   it is a single player ArmA2 mission.  I still have 1 or 2 days of testing.  I have few more questions but I hold them for now till I am ready to submit the mission.   My username is KEVIN_OPF because I used to be a member during the hot OFP era 10 years ago, then I became inactive and was dumped by OFPEC.   I registered again few days ago and decided to keep the same name to avoid double identity if you know what I mean.   As far as the mission, it is a SCI-FI ArmA2 mission.  the name of the mission is   'Back To The Past'
Ok, I think I ask 2 questions
1) Can I simply attach the mission to my thread (BackToThePast.pbo)
2) My screen shots are not .gif but simple print screen key(keyboard) and then paste into a microsoft rich text document.  Is this OK.

 on: 25 Mar 2014, 16:38:53 
Started by KEVIN_OFP - Last post by savedbygrace
Hi Kevin and welcome to OFPEC. If you have an Arma 2 mission to submit, you're in the proper place. We can simply use the thread that you have started here. If, judging by that acronym attached to your name, you are submitting to the OFP/CWA boards, we can still use this thread and just move it to the OFP/CWA boards afterward.

Start by modifying your first post and changing the title to The type and mission name. For example: If you have created a Single player mission, the mission type will be [SP], Multiplayer would be [MP], Campaign would be [CAMP]. Additonally if MP, it is always helpful to list what type of Multiplayer style it is, COOP= cooperative, CTF = capture the flag, CTI=capture the island, DM= death match, etc. We typically don't allow clan names in the titles since it's your mission we are interested in, not your clan. So your title will look like

[SP] Kevins' Awesome Mission.

Once you have the title, Edit the content of your first post to provide a brief description of your mission, the requirements needed to play it, any already known bugs that you have encountered, and a version number and changelog to keep testers updated on what has been addressed. You can use this template here or check out other members missions to see how they have done it.

Version: 1.1
Desciption: You're tasked with clearing out an enemy occupied base camp and rescuing the hostages that they have detained.

                    Arma 2 Combined Operations
                    BAF expansion
                    Joeblows awesome helicopter addon - AddLinkToAddonHere

Changelog: Version: 1.1
NEW... Added more ammo to the player at mission start
FIXED...savegame was occurring at a potentially bad time
FIXED...Enemy numbers were far too low.

Changelog: Version 1.0
No problems found yet.

Attach a screenshot of your mission to help sell it. If your download size is less than 5mb, you can attach it as well, otherwise, upload it to a fie share and provide a link.

Don't abandon your mission. We are a beta testing forum, we test, you improve, and when it is all said and done, we'll offer a review for it and score it where we will then create a front page advertisement of the score and add it to our archives for others to download. Much like these.

Hope this helps.

 on: 25 Mar 2014, 12:48:52 
Started by KEVIN_OFP - Last post by KEVIN_OFP
Alreardy checked the page pertaining to mission submission  Roll Eyes.  But to be sure can someone please tell me step by step(From the time I login) how to post my ArmA2 single player mission.  Thank you very much.

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