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There should be a savegame in there.

To beat Mala Fide, you don't fight. As soon as you enter the village, and radio back that you're doing so, it triggers the enemy counter attack. That's your cue to bug out or hide. The mission is the enemy's only consolidated effort to push the Americans back. They throw a good half of their assets at you so you should really get an ass kicking. You should manage to limp back, after crawling through bushes and long grass, with very few of your men left if any at all.

I wanted to bring back some of the feeling from the old Flashpoint missions where you were really struggling to stay alive and where you had that feeling of impending doom every time you ran from bush to bush.

That's all well and good if the game doesn't want you to throw yourself out of the window though.

If you skip, you miss a cutscene. If you're happy to skip a cutscene then do it. That's why I released them as single missions.
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP] Up to No Good
« Last post by h- on 24 May 2017, 07:55:03 »
Thanks for testing :)

The problem is though that the mission is like 2 years old (the public version) so it has a ton of stuff that has been broken during that time. :(
Although, as a few months ago when I imported the mission into Eden I couldn't get the mission to freeze/crash as reported by you and Undeceived. It did however produce a literal ton of scripting errors so the problem may lay therein.

Basically showing a conversation among an officer and snipers, but absolutely silent - no spoken lines, to title text, no nothing.
Well that's a new one.
Never seen that happen myself, but it has been like 2 versions of A3 since  tested this last.

I hope I get to update this mission at some point, just have so much to do there are not enough hours in a day :(

Should probably remove the download link for the time being :P
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP] Up to No Good
« Last post by mathias_eichinger on 23 May 2017, 21:05:22 »
Here's my test for this mission:


Good picture and descriptive text, but it says version 1.41 despite I clicked on the 1.45 link.


Very tidy and informative as well.


Basically showing a conversation among an officer and snipers, but absolutely silent - no spoken lines, to title text, no nothing.


I like the sound effects (wind sound), are these custom?
I chose the castle ruins OP  and among the way I got to enjoy some radio message sounds, that are clearly computer-generated, but I have to say they do not sound as appalling as other machine voices.

I turned out that the castle ruins were crawling with enemy and upon contact, my mate and I automatically decided to exfil rather than to pursue the mission. I then opted for exfil point A.

However, at a distance of 1.2 kms into the exfil zone, the game suddenly froze. Reloading did not help.
the only way you'll beat Mala Fide is if you draw back
Can't even do that because within 30 seconds to maybe a couple of minutes even my whole squad, including me, is slaughtered by the enemy that seems to come from everywhere; basically the AI guys die before they even can report the enemy they see.
Tried now several times at veteran and regular difficulty and seems to be completely impossible, even if I immediately head back when the radio call about the the plane being tracked comes in I still get slaughtered.. I suck at playing the game though. :P

Another thing annoying in Mala Fide is the fact that it starts way way way too far away from the patrol area, which forces you to run at 4x speed for minutes. While it might be realistic it doesn't really make a good gameplay   IMO :hmmm:
Liberation of Corazol is a bit of a drama because of the AI pilot being a moron. The ghost uilding you're talking about is the one in the town that your friendlies report taking fire from. You should get a message giving you an in depth target indication on to it with friendlies marking it with smoke.

Once the building is destroyed, the friendlies move forward again and then get targeted from the enemy CP location off in the distance. Killing that will end the mission.

Your transport is located off the hill to the north ish. It is mentioned in the briefing with a link I believe. The missions get a more hairy from that point on. Bare in mind that the only way you'll beat Mala Fide is if you draw back. You can fight until you run out of ammo but you'll eventually need to get back to the farm buildings.
I have really enjoyed the campaign. And that you have pulled off this quite bug-free stuff is quite a triumph given how broken the game itself is.
Just haven't had the time to continue further.

It's possible that playmusic could be one the borked things (I modded the game for number of years (way too many) and there's probably more broken stuff than working stuff in it).

About the cutscene dialogue stuff, can't remember the mission name right now but the either the outro cutscenes in Knaves or the intro cutscenes in the following mission (or both) have dialogue that extends way over the time the speaker is on camera, can be almost whole sentences overlapping into the next scene.

Grosbeak extinct is supposed to be nails.
Btw, one bug I failed to mention was that there was somewhere (can't remember the heading though :( ) a enemy group visible near the edge of the viewdistance just standing there, I'm assuming waiting their turn to get triggered to move.

They're a cute little feature that BI put in and I thought I'd use them.
I guess I might have over stated the 'annoyedness' of those, was probably pissed of by something else and those just stuck..

Sanbag fix is a ghost from somwhere. I'm not using any 3rd party sandbags.
It seems to be some sort of fix for the AI to be able to fire over them, IIRC there was same thing for OFP as well.

Often I just lone wolf with them providing overwatch from somewhere.
That's what I tend to do as well, done that since OFP..
It's still a valid approach in A3 as well, the AI would need more autonomy to be more useful. Otherwise you basically have to take yourself out of the combat and just concentrate babysitting them onward.

Part of why I get annoyed by the AI is my own folly though because I'm not satisfied completing a mission until I can do that with no or absolutely minimal losses. :P

In Liberation of Corazol at one point I get an order to move to a farm house and almost half way there when my character suddenly reports that 'the building' has been destroyed. Not even sure what building he's talking about but I assume it's the farm house. As to who supposedly destroyed it I have no idea.
I go there anyway because the objective was not ticked green and there's an enemy mechanized unit parked there so no-one actually destroyed anything :dunno:
The radio coms seem to indicate that I destroyed it with the CAS :dunno:

It's also a bit confusing as to what friendlies are being painted from that farm house; it's like 20km away from the main target (at least it feels that way :P, I'm supposed to have transport but I have no idea what/who and where), which is obstructed by terrain..

Things go fud if I get hit.
First, you get an action to apply first aid on yourself which of course doesn't work, because you're hit.
You can't order any AI to heal you either unless you first try to nudge it close enough to you so that the action 'bleeds' into it's action list. Even then the action has to be called twice.

After that I can no longer order the group around as a leader, first if order return to form the order is 'All, follow 3.', then after that it's either 'All, follow all' or 'All, follow 2' both of which makes the group not respond because I guess the game thinks I'm dead :dunno:
So the only way to have them move around is to order move commands to 2, which is really annoying.
Gladly that is solved by healing myself on the ambulance BMP.

Confusingly my guy reports the farmhouse clear after killing all the enemy there so no idea what building he was talking about earlier  :hmmm:
While clearing the farm house I hear a low thud and my character reports that all enemy armor has been destroyed, which I of course did not do because the CAS went down within minutes.

Then after clearing the farm house I get an order to move to a building and about 30 seconds later the mission ends in success.
That shouldn't have happened. You are meant to do the objectives in reverse order (although that is never stated) because if you wait for the convoy, you'd have to recce the enemy base in daylight. I'll certainly fix that. The mission is mega hard if you take the targets of opportunity seriously. I tend to just hit a couple of things and then leave but I know some players are hardcore and will want to kill everything. Good luck to them.

The following is in no particular order.

The elevator music is really annoying. I put a playmusic command in there that loops the track, and then in the init, had a playmusic zero command. It obviously isn't working. That really is annoying.

Going back into some of the missions, I'm finding whole passages of text not being audible. I will address this. You guys may find more moving forward. I have. :(

Grosbeak extinct is supposed to be nails. You're in enemy territory and surrounded. There is an angle you can take that has minimal resistance. You need to go fast North North West and kill a couple of bots. Then keep moving into the treeline. The mission is completed y a enemy unit counter. You will need to kill quite a few.

Apologies about the voiceover on the briefing screens etc. They're a cute little feature that BI put in and I thought I'd use them. If they're super annoting, I could easily remove them.

Camera cutscenes are super annoying as ArmA seems to be completely random with how it deals with unit placement. One time a unit in a playmove can be right on his mark, the next he can appear five feet away from it. There seems to be no cure.

Sanbag fix is a ghost from somwhere. I'm not using any 3rd party sandbags. I'll investigate.

I really do appreciate that you've given me time you'll never get back. I know the AI is a pain in the rectum but I can't help that more than I have. Through playtesting myself, I've come up with a few coping strategies, but they're just that. Often I just lone wolf with them providing overwatch from somewhere.

If you can give me just enough patience to see it through, I'll be very grateful.
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP/CAMP] Underdogs
« Last post by Undeceived on 28 Apr 2017, 17:26:42 »
I suppose you found the powder sugar and the heatpacks in Manos' shack but didn't find the workshop or realize you can create the bomb in there? There's a trigger inside "Create smoke bomb" (if you found the main ingredients) and if something is missing, the player character will tell what it is.

When the player first finds the sugar and the heatpacks he says that maybe he could create a smoke bomb. I will add the sentence: "But I'll probably need a workbench or something like that." So that the player keeps his eyes open for the workshop too. Then he will know what's missing.
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP/CAMP] Underdogs
« Last post by h- on 28 Apr 2017, 12:48:38 »
Read the walkthrough thing, so I was one ingredient short :P

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP/CAMP] Underdogs
« Last post by Undeceived on 27 Apr 2017, 20:50:17 »
Cool, didn't expect you testing it again! Much appreciated! :good:

That script error comes out of the DAC... No way I can fix that I think.

Probably wise to snap him back to whatever modes Costa was prior joining player's group if the player OKs him to show his idea.
Will do, thanks for the idea!

I created a small "walkthrough" for the Manos mission. If you're interested, check the "additional info" section in the first BIF post.

You are a fan of melodrama I guess
Hmmm, guess so. :D Can't do anything about it as it seems. :D :D

Thanks A LOT for your time, h-! Great job!
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