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Arma3 - Editing/Scripting General / Re: Spawning a squad on marker?
« Last post by Rytuklis on Yesterday at 11:38:31 »
Yeah well on my cutscene there is a CSAT checkpoint, which soon gets approached by a civilian vehicle. The Civilian disembarks and the soldier approaches him, demanding for his papers. Upon the citizen refusing to give them, the guard brandishes his gun demanding for papers again, and then both checkpoint guards get shot down by a sniper, and I need at that precise moment for Guerilla troops to storm the village, but the thing is, groups don't move fast enough via the waypoint to start a breathtaking shootout and the shootout seems rather dull as they keep taking cover, and avoiding the firefight and so on. I tried adjusting the times when the waypoint activates but it still does not give satisfactory results.
sqs?... sqs!?... SQS!!!!


Anyway, have you tried lookAt ? At least in my quick test it made unit turn to look another. Would look a bit more natural than setdir.

Also, you can't get the marker's dir with getDir, you need markerDir.
No bother. I opened up the editor and began testing the setskill command, myself yesterday but the command worked fine. I had some stuff pop up before I could test the other commands though. Sorry I wasn't quick enough.
Arma3 - Editing/Scripting General / Re: Spawning a squad on marker?
« Last post by savedbygrace on Yesterday at 00:20:05 »
Could you expound on the details a bit? I can't understand why a trigger wouldn't work to kick it off. Do you mean waypoints and synchronization of the battling AI?
Welcome to OFPEC :welcome:

I moved this post here because the General Announcements board is for OFPEC's announcements.
Also used this Arma3 board as I judged from mentioning Altis that this would be for Arma3.. :P

Anyhoo, good luck with your quest. :)
Just remember that if you're going to take someone elses scripts and start modifying them you need to have permissions to do so, and adhere to any rules said possible permissions are granted with.
First of all, if I'm breaking any forum rules, I wholeheartedly apologize as I have been banned from Armaholic for asking for help to create a mod.

I'm basically looking to create a mod from the ground up. It's going to be similar to Island Life from ArmA 2 OA, but way better and with much better scripts. I'm a novice scripter who's doing his B.Sc. in Computer science at the moment so I will help with the scripting. We can even just simply modify Altis Life's scripts and just add/remove what we want.

There will be classes of cars eg. Lower, Middle & Upper as well as some special super cars for super donators. Super donators will be able to purchase houses and furnish them as well as being able to save air vehicles etc. Non-donators will only be able to save one vehicle and will only have access to pistols and maybe one rifle.

Player will be able to make money legally or illegally. Legal jobs are like taxi, mining jobs (can even put in a skill system where players will have to get a skill of let's say 100 to mine gold) etc. Illegal jobs are as easy (but dangerous) as going to a druglord NPC and buying a kilo of coke for maybe 25K and selling it for 45k (maybe?). Or by planting marijuana (which may take about an hour ingame to grow) and selling it to a drug pusher NPC for a wholesale price.

Because we want to implement a housing system, we will need a map with alot of enterable houses (not altis, maybe a rework of fallujah or taviana or something like that) but yeah, basically a nice island where we can place enterable houses and special mansions for super donators.

Please, if anyone is interested in helping to create this mod (needs to be familiar with either programming or adding car addons) please contact me at any of the following:

steam: beatveteran
ts3: (ask for Marley)
Arma3 - Editing/Scripting General / Spawning a squad on marker?
« Last post by Rytuklis on 27 Aug 2014, 20:06:04 »
Hey guys, I need to make a convincing combat scene in the city and I need the group to appear at the designated location and start the firefight as soon as a certain event happens.
Using triggers and conditions synchronized with waypoints does not give the effect I need.. I need an element of surprise..
EDIT: Nope... Still occurs..
Good evening,

I'm making a scene where I want the civilian to approach a checkpoint with a vehicle and disembark it. Then I want to teleport the civilian infront of the CSAT Soldier so they have a conversation, however I can't make the civilian facing the CSAT Soldier. I tried several methods, one is setting the azimuth of the marker I use to teleport the civilian to face the CSAT Soldier  and then use civilian1 setdir getdir "tpciv" (marker name is tpciv). Does not work, he's facing away. Then I try to add another civlian in the distance and name him "dirforciv" and set the azimuth that would face the soldier. Then again I try to do civilian1 setdir getdir "dirforciv" and still can't get it to work. Can you tell me what's the problem? This is my entire code here:

Code: [Select]
; ****************************************************************
; Script file for Armed Assault
; Created by: TODO: Author Name
; ****************************************************************

showcinemaBorder false
_camera = "camera" camCreate [9292.85,20328.67,134.92];
_camera cameraEffect ["internal","back"]

;comment "19:26:23";
_camera camPrepareTarget [82711.22,-46332.73,13038.85];
_camera camPreparePos [9292.85,20328.67,134.92];
_camera camPrepareFOV 0.700;
_camera camCommitPrepared 4
titleCut ["Abderos, Altis. Present..","PLAIN DOWN"]
@camCommitted _camera

;comment "19:28:01";
_camera camPrepareTarget [82711.22,-46332.73,13038.91];
_camera camPreparePos [9285.59,20335.21,40.75];
_camera camPrepareFOV 0.700;
_camera camCommitPrepared 8
titleCut ["Abderos, Altis. Present..","PLAIN DOWN"]
@camcommitted _camera

cdrive = true

_camera = "camera" camCreate [9466.24,20100.10,0.58];
_camera cameraEffect ["internal","back"]

;comment "19:30:36";
_camera camPrepareTarget [-88646.07,742.99,113.76];
_camera camPreparePos [9466.24,20100.10,0.58];
_camera camPrepareFOV 0.700;
_camera camCommitPrepared 0
@camcommitted _camera

;comment "19:32:00";
_camera camPrepareTarget civguer1
_camera camsettarget civguer1
_camera camPreparePos [9464.11,20097.19,0.90];
_camera camPrepareFOV 0.306;
_camera camCommitPrepared 12
@camcommitted _camera

civguer1 action ["eject", vehicle gcar1]
titleCut ["","BLACK OUT",3]
civguer1 disableAI "MOVE"
civguer1 setdir getdir "dirforciv"
civguer1 setpos getmarkerpos "tpciv"
grd2 dotarget civguer1
titleCut ["","BLACK FADED",4]

_camera = "camera" camCreate [9458.96,20098.70,1.59];
_camera cameraEffect ["internal","back"]

titleCut ["","BLACK IN",3]

;comment "19:45:56";
_camera camPrepareTarget [-25328.32,-69637.05,-27039.82];
_camera camPreparePos [9458.96,20098.70,1.59];
_camera camPrepareFOV 0.700;
_camera camCommitPrepared 0
grd1 switchMove "Acts_ComingInSpeakingWalkingOut_5"
titlecut ["Show me your papers.","PLAIN DOWN"]
@camcommitted _camera

;comment "19:47:12";
_camera camPrepareTarget [-53012.51,96890.88,-14005.83];
_camera camPreparePos [9459.88,20093.61,1.76];
_camera camPrepareFOV 0.700;
_camera camCommitPrepared 8
@camcommitted _camera

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