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Happy to see it back up. Downloaded quickly.  :yes:
Downloaded and will definitely test it out! Sounds great man.
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If  ("drop command  masters" have nothing to say) then {sqf-scripter comes with suggestions};
 It's  boring to test this system on unarmed captives.

 My suggestion:
-use more typical island like Everon or Kolgujev;
-create some barricades on the hill top;
-Use JAM3 loadouts for your team and for  inbound enemy forces

 If ihe splattered blood will looks good on the green hill slope -->  it will looks
 good almost everywhere. IMO on medium range all OK.

  During the CQB action I was surprised a bit with dark-red "hedgehogs")
  The paticles were splitted good enough and size distribution is well, but the form is strange.

  I took PRIMER.pbo from CSLA mod as a template  and created  more flat particle in O2,  based on "koule.p3d".
  See unpbo'ed sample (a scary one, but I made it for 2 minutes and it's not the ready decision).
  How 2 use: _drop = drop ["\FLAT\particle.p3d", "", "SpaceObject", ...

 "Chuck Norris frequently donates blood. Just never his own."
I would appreciate a response please, guys. Is there anything else you need me to do?
Fixed broken links and reattached file (now version 1.3).
Reattached file and fixed broken information links.
Reattached lost files (now version 1.3). Also fixed the information links.
If anybody happens upon this thread when searching Google, I'll be a nice guy and give you my answer, assuming you want every unit to have an unlimited amount of smoke grenades and chemlights. Here's what I'd do:

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replenish = {
_unit = _this select 0;
_weapon = _this select 3;
_magazine = _this select 5;
if (toString _weapon == "Throw") then {
_chemlight = toArray _magazine;
_chemlight resize 9;
_smoke = toArray _magazine;
_smoke resize 10;
if (toString _chemlight == "Chemlight" or {toString _smoke == "SmokeShell"}) then { _unit addMagazine _magazine; }
{_x addEventHandler ["Fire", {_this spawn replenish}} forEach allUnits;

Something like that? Should work, haven't tested it though. You should probably privatize the variables too. Also, it might not be a good idea to run this entire thing everytime someone fires. I don't know.
OFP - Editing/Scripting General / Re: Fwatch 1.13 for CWA in action
« Last post by faguss on 29 Nov 2014, 01:55:54 »
You can access root dir like you would in standard OFP scripting (more info here). Target file must be plain text.

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OFP - Editing/Scripting General / Re: Fwatch 1.13 for CWA in action
« Last post by SoldierEPilot on 28 Nov 2014, 23:04:35 »
is it possible somehow to implement ":class" commands 4 unpacked campaign?
I've tried the same things like with editor mission, it doesn't work.
Should I use some path or just wait 4 FW114 ???
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