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Hello word!

One of my main scripting projects structure was inspired by MCAR_engine.pbo.
It was very original idea - to store sqf code in that place. That's why I stole it)

Today I slightly changed the Notepad++ scripts I used for DASH_Library 2.0 development,
so these versions can be used in MCAR project revision (if someone want it)
or with creating MCAR-like scripting solutions.

Installation notes,36503.msg250013.html#new

Usage: select 1 or several lines in stringtable and run ;
Plugins - Automation Scripts - MCAR_ToSQF
It will create one or more function listings.

To add/replace 1 function in stringtable:
Select one function (with comment-header, if it exists)

comment {dummy fn};

Plugins - Automation Scripts - MCAR_ToCSV
Function code will be prepared to paste to CSV,
it will looks like
dummy, "_this",dummy fn

OFP - Addons & Mods Beta Testing / Text Command Engine
« Last post by SoldierEPilot on 22 Jan 2015, 17:44:26 »
TCE - demo version.
Not integrated with Fwatch (yet). But already works.

I will appreciate any command/functionality ideas for this mini-mod.
Bad english detection notes will be also helpful :)

OFP - Editing/Scripting General / Re: Fwatch 1.13 for CWA in action
« Last post by SoldierEPilot on 18 Jan 2015, 14:33:08 »
Thanks 4 fast and helpful reaction.

I fixed sample in 1st topic - it works now with space-separated names.
BTW, if campaign mission ends with "mission", it doesn't work somehow.
OFP - Editing/Scripting General / Re: Fwatch 1.13 for CWA in action
« Last post by faguss on 17 Jan 2015, 16:36:07 »
if array doesn't have strings longer than 110 or near this number

116. New one will be up to 123.

Name must be a single word

No. Just wrap argument in quotation marks.

Code: [Select]
FLIB_EXEC = preProcessFile "..\fwatch\data\ExecCommand.sqf"
_data = call (["class token ","""","f:..\Campaigns\19 85\missions\00 training.abel\mission.sqm",""""," c:[Mission,Groups,Item0,Vehicles,Item0]"] call FLIB_EXEC)
hint Format ["%1\n\n\n%2", _data select 6, _data select 7]

It's like:

Code: [Select]
_data = call loadFile ":class token ""f:..\Campaigns\19 85\missions\00 training.abel\mission.sqm"" c:[Mission,Groups,Item0,Vehicles,Item0]"

ExecCommand = preprocessFile {..\fwatch\data\ExecCommand.sqf}

Please use FLIB_EXEC global variable.

The damn thing thinks it's  "\t" (tabulation) here and can't find the file

I'll look into it. Thanks for letting me know.
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OFP - Addons & Mods General / Re: Function pack
« Last post by SoldierEPilot on 15 Jan 2015, 15:40:17 »
DASH_library 2.0 is ready!

New features:
* No gameLogics, 98% of functions were moved to stringtable.csv, so:
   ++ minimal name conflict probability - only 3 global functions and 3 global vars;
   ++ no "load 3 modules to use 2 functions" - csv functions can be loaded with "loadFns"
      and "alias" utilities, you will get only what you need;
   ++ slightly faster code execution for 6 of 6 tested fns (+5...+10%);
* Removed ~20 fns, reworked ~20, added ~90;

* Presence check for 20 mods and 210 addons ("isAddonLoaded" extended);

* SQL-like queries to databases ("sqlSelect", "sqlDelete");

* Finding name and position of the nearest village on 25 islands ("nearestVillage");

* Unit movements replacing ("overrideMoves");

* Fwatch 1.13 integration. The library itself is independent from Fwatch, but:
   ++ a few good functions can't work WITHOUT it;
   ++ several functions works even better WITH it;
* More handy test missions;

From now on 280 functions are on your fingertips, ready to be implemented in
the coolest CWA missions and addons ever. May be you'll find something useful for your
unfinished projects...
OFP - Editing/Scripting General / Re: Fwatch 1.13 for CWA in action
« Last post by SoldierEPilot on 12 Jan 2015, 23:18:06 »
The main purpose of this research is to take scripting access
to units and vehicles placed in current mission on mod level.
In mod you can use additional GUI button/active text in resource.cpp
and run any correct scripts on any units placed. This is more flexible way
than reconfigure units and give 'em embedded "Init" EHs.

However, there are some limitations with mission/campaign names
(thanks to ":class token" command).

Name must be a single word.
Most of the campaign missions follow this rule,
campign like "Samson's Hero" can be renamed to "Samson_hero";

If the campaign or it's mission starts from "t", error will take place because of "Campaigns\" or "missions\" before it in the full path.
The damn thing thinks it's  "\t" (tabulation) here and can't find the file :o
It's easy to rename campaign but it's more difficult to rename it's mission(s).

@Faguss, please do something with ":class token" in Fw 1.14!

See the new code and attachments in my first post.
OFP - Missions Beta Testing / Re: [CAMP] Fidel Must Fall
« Last post by Gruntage on 12 Jan 2015, 22:54:22 »
Right, so I have some time to begin the first mission. Before going into more detail, the intro has a number of spelling mistakes. The mission title itself should be spelt 'Evidence' not 'Evidences'. Also, it's 'watch', not 'wacht', and 'convince' not 'covice'.

Mission 1: Evidence


Camera work was alright, but the military base seems to suffer from the same problem as in the previous cinematic. There's not enough life. It's supposed to a forward area, so it should be filled with troops. I was expecting something like out of 'A Few Good Men'. Don't really want to see a BIS level of base building. Also, I think the disembark script you have doesn't work properly. When the jeep drives through the barrier (literally), the passenger ejects out and is left behind. In some cases I would wager that the passenger would die from the impact, and the intro would not progress as a result. You might want to have the jeep stop before having the guy get out.

The music was more appropriate, so good job there.

All in all, not too bad. Plenty of work to be done though.


Briefing opens, got an error message 'missing BIS resistance'. This briefing made me chuckle...first off, I think you can afford to be a little more specific when you say 'Cuba'....where in Cuba? This is a military operation I would think that the little things like that would need more detail. Comes back to the realism. I won't moan about the story just yet. I'll give feedback on the story as we progress through more missions. I'll just let it play out for now.

One bit of the briefing that did make my laugh was the section entitled 'Read: It's important'. To be perfectly honest, I don't think the player needs to be told what sections are important. Secondly, that would not be on an actual briefing page. And, I'm assuming it's 'John Smith', not 'Jhon Smith' right?

As for the 'full briefing' (which doesn't furnish me with knowledge that I didn't have before), one thing I will point out is that I'm pretty sure the player knows what outfit he belongs to. I'm being nit-picky so I'll stop there and just say that it needs more detail. It's supposed to be a full briefing. There's too little and there's too much, this is the former. Think you can put more in.

I don't really see why we need to take pictures. Wasn't the civilian recording it? Why couldn't he take pictures? Can the US not use satelites? I wouldn't have thought that the US would be reduced to using an SLR camera to complete the mission.

I would have liked a gear selection...for a mission like this it seems appropriate to have one.

Ok, so here we go, first mission of the campaign...

First off, if the Cubans/Russians have submarines, then wouldn't they have some sort of radar to pick up the AC130? We're flying over Cuba I would have thought that Castro would have had some sort of defence against this. Another issue is that I don't like spending 5 minutes floating in the air. This guy is a Marine right? I think a landing from the water would have been more appropriate...and covert too.

I had to use the time acceleration and that is a really bad thing to use in the first mission (or indeed any mission) of a campaign. But anyway, so I'm playing in veteran for the challenge. I would have had some personnel on the bridge, as it's a pretty important structure.

Unfortunately I got a crash-to-desktop when running over the big mountain towards the base. Not sure what caused that. I'll have another try at it tomorrow when I have time.

But you've got plenty to be getting on with anyway.

Hope you find this useful.
OFP - Missions Beta Testing / Re: [CAMP] Fidel Must Fall
« Last post by Gruntage on 11 Jan 2015, 10:19:55 »
Ok, so let's begin. As this is a campaign I won't be testing the whole thing in one sitting, as I want to be as thorough as possible. So I'll break it down and give feedback on each mission and cutscene when time permits. I'm gonna be completely honest with all my feedback for this and future missions. I don't know if you're gonna be making any improvements to this, but I'll give extensive feedback anyway.

Being tested on OFP 1.96

Beginning with the opening cinematic.

Camera-wise, it's not too bad. It's not the camera movements that bother me. It's the content. So we have this military base that doesn't look much like a military base at all. It's really lacking in realism. Things just seem a little too spaced apart. We have the SCUDs just left on the beach with no armed guard, for example. We don't see a lot of personnel. This is supposed to be a high profile meeting of two key individuals so I would be expecting the initial meeting to be held in a much more covert fashion. I would find it hard to believe that the Cubans and the Soviets (presumably) would allow a civilian to record the whole thing. Surely there would be armed guards around? I don't know when this is taking place either. We have T80 tanks so I guess this is taking place sometime in the this post-Cold War Crisis?

To be honest, given the nature of the story, I don't think the Cubans would openly have tanks on the shoreline. Wasn't this theatre under constant suveillance by the US at this time? This meeting probably should have taken place in much more secret. Tell you what, a good example of a mission involving Cuba is the first mission of Call of Duty Black Ops. I don't care much for those games but they did get the atmosphere right for that particular mission.

Furthermore, I wouldn't have thought that the civilians being traded would walk into the chopper like it's a trip to the beach. These people are being held against their will but they don't look like it. Need to see more to this. Make us believe that Guba and Castro are the 'bastardos' that you claim they are. We need to see brutality. We need to see some degree of realism. If we don't, then you'll struggle to hold the players' attention. There's a few spelling mistakes as well.

I don't really get why you would have aspects of the campaign in Spanish. I know these guys speak Spanish...but some of us can' we can't understand what's being we may as well be looking at nothing. If you had Spanish voice acting with English subtitles that would be fine. I know you're trying to create realism by doing it, but it doesn't make sense to me. If there was more going on in the scene, then perhaps it would be alright..because we have what's going on visually to give us an idea of what's being said. But a guy sitting in a chair saying something important presumably which we can't understand is not going to push the story forward at all.

I was kind of expecting custom music...but kudos on not using any of the Seventh tracks. Even the choice of music was not a great one. That particular track is quite cheerful, yet we have this human trafficking going on the it should be darker... much darker. It just makes me think 'ok so this human trafficking doesn't seem so bad after all'. I'm just sayin'...Being honest with you.

When I have time, I'll move onto the first mission. Don't expect any technical advice because it's been a long time since I was in the editor and subsequently have scant complex scripting knowledge.

I hope you don't find this too harsh but in order to get a good output you need to be able to criticise. A campaign is extremely hard to get right. You gotta have a story that flows. And your first cinematic has to grab the player's attention straight away.

I would love to be able to tell you that this was a first rate cutscene but there's a lot of stuff to improve here. With a campaign, fine tuned and tested to death, I would expect this to be released onto the missions depot about a year from now. It's one of things that put me off campaign making...I don't have the patience to follow through.

Arma2 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [A2: OA] Blue Hills [SP]
« Last post by savedbygrace on 09 Jan 2015, 16:33:06 »
Here's the mission page for Blue Hills on Imuteps site.
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