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I know it isn't ArmA 3. Maybe, if I get the bug again, I'll upgrade. This was just a fun project for me. Just to see if I could do it.

The first missions are designed to be easy. They get harder. There are some big battles too.
Hmm, I may have to give this one a whack if I find the time.
Thank ye sire.

Okay. Completely Vanilla except for your requisites. Final version of Arma Gold
Mission 1
After the smoke config was settled, all went well. I infiltrated the base, took out one guard in a tower, avoided the rest, placed 23 satchels on the fuel tanks, repair urals, ammo urals, BMP's, and helicopters. Even one on what I thought were ammo crates tucked into a tank garage. Set off the demo and fled to the north side of the airfield and on to the OP pos. I won't critique things like camera angles story integrity, dialogue or voice acting, in fact, I will only report bugs. For this mission there were none.

Mission 2
Charged in, glassed all the targets for my guys, lost  squad member 4 as he bull rushed in around a corner and was mowed down. I was little put off by the fact that all targets that were destroyed earlier that morning were still alive and well. Oh well. Cake walk to each objective, when the counter attack was announced, I rushed to an ammo ural and grabbed a satchel. Raced to the south gate near the fuel dump. All tanks but one was smoking. I placed a satchel at the gate entrance (not knowing where he was going) and I lucked out as he drove right over it. We cleared out the infantry before they withdrew. Formed up again on the airstrip and mission ended.

So far, I like the order of events. sabotage, followed by air strike on strategic targets then landing to establish a foothold. All seems solid though I must confess, after playing Arma3, this title sucks in many places. Things like having the option to fire a launcher while standing, switching stances mid run without stopping, being able to step over stuff, placing a waypoint on the map during the mission, even being able to lower your weapon are missed features. I'll test more missions soon. I need to test h-s' tool for him.
Found the culprit.

The attached file goes into the dta folder.

I've attempted the first mission several times. The intro reaches the point where the president is standing on the balcony asking why he is looking at his city, then the game crashes. I skip the intro and each time I pull the trigger or detonate the satchels in the first mission, the game crashes. It keeps popping up the error in the attached image.

I have downloaded the addons, placed them in an Addons folder which is in an @OBD folder in the main directory and then called them with the -mod=@OBD command in the launch parameters. That solved the mission being able to load but did not prevent this error.
Just a heads up there is an actual list i found, showing all the commands that have local effects. LINK:

Hope this helps. :P
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP] Up to No Good
« Last post by h- on 06 Feb 2017, 16:14:08 »
It really depends upon how profane it is to me
Well, if you'd not rather do it then I'm pretty sure it is too profane..

Me doing the voice acting is out of the question so silent voices it is.
Thanks.  :D

Ok, I've uploaded the whole thing. Simply copy and paste the folder directly into your missions folder and it should give you a dedicated Operation Black Dragon page in which you'll find my missions in game.

There are many features, including easter eggs, and the only issue that I know about is the smoke effect bug which is addon related. Enjoy.

Addons needed are included in the "Addon" link here.
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP] Up to No Good
« Last post by savedbygrace on 06 Feb 2017, 04:58:48 »
I'd rather not do profanity so its probably better if you did it. It really depends upon how profane it is to me; different folks have different opinions.

I've always used a headset for my recordings and have had no problems with background noise. But I have really been wanting to purchase one of the snowball mics.
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: [SP] Up to No Good
« Last post by h- on 05 Feb 2017, 08:35:16 »
Thanks, that'd be excellent.
There's some profanity and maybe more to come (way way harsher than current), so you've been warned  :shhh:

My perfectionism is already horrified by the sound quality when hearing the word headset "headset" :D but that's of course better than nothing. I guess I could record some small portion myself but problem is that the characters talk too much for me to get away with it.
Ah the times doing missions with FDF mod when one could speak Finnish in them..

IMO BIS should try to develop a robot speech machine within the game or in their toolset because they seems to have knack for procedurally generated stuff (like the program of theirs that draws random vegetation and trees based on given criteria, I think Linda it was called), just so it would be easier to have voice acting in user made missions. Of course the voices should be 'syntehized' from the in-game radio protocol voice actors so albeit being robot voices they would sound like the voice the character uses in the radio which has always ground my gears a bit when the talking voice is nowhere near the radio voice (bu that's just me I guess :P ).
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