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Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: Evil's Last Will (Arma 3)
« Last post by Undeceived on 23 Jul 2016, 19:33:47 »
Fear not, guys, the project isn't abandoned.

It's just that I have the absolute ultimate excuse for the break: I've got a child. :)

Need some time to get back to normality but it won't take so long anymore.

Other than that I'm happy not having released the mission as Apex came out and many players jumped on it.
Didn't test this in-game yet but you need to TAG your global variables (like Autorun to MYTAG_autorun).
That's why the the whole system was invented back in the day :)

Oh, and crazy to see activity on these desolate plains  :P
A script to Auto-run or crawl if injured 100 meters / Opflash - CWA

Test out and if it passes approval - post to Editor's Depot script side CWA

Tested by me & works.

The below readme files:

Script by WW2Weasel < 03-21-2012 > for WH40K Mod -
No permission is needed to modify this script or it's counterpart. 
Have fun gaming - and why not visit us at the Wh40k mod and say hi!:
This script written regarding tedious long range running of unit. 
I hadn't thought of doing this before. I thought this was an absolutely important feature to have in operation flashpoint.
The Scope of this script is to play animations to auto run or crawl if injured 100 meters.  This script is meant for players not the AI.
I thought long and hard about giving it more functionality.  I decided to leave as is; but allow others to modify to suit their own tastes.
Result of this Script:  The player's unit begins running then you can steer him around much like you would a vehicle in opflash.
Place in players init line of unit:  [(name of unit)] exec "Arun_Acrawl.sqs"
How to modify distance to be more than 100 meters?  Simple....
- for running - it takes 35 iterations of the playmove command to run 100 meters.  So to run Approx. 500 Meters (35 * 5 = 175) || ?canstand _unit: _i=175,goto "autorun"
- for crawling - it takes 138 iterations of the playmove command to crawl 100 meters.  So to crawl Approx. 500 Meters (138 * 5 = 690) || ?!canstand _unit: _i=690,goto "autocrawl"
Also very important to include: Arun_Acrawl_break.sqs in your mission folder as well - As this is the Addaction break mechanism used to stop the Auto running/crawling.
Also if you take dammage - if not immediately killed the script will stop.
I have not tested yet in MP. But it should still work.  It's meant for local players - and broadcasts the players positions via publicVariable.  One possible problem in busy games is the animation may become choppy and distance traveled could be less than 100m.
*** A Caveat - you may need to test delay in time with your pc and model/animation - time delay definitely needs fine tuning per individual's situation. 
Time delay is important for 2 reasons: 1) It allows for smooth running of animation and 2) Allows the Autorun break addaction to stop immediately upon activation.  To not have a time delay - renders autorun breaking useless.
On my pc default west soldier is ~.5 delay.
*** Default for Standard Imperial Guard unit is ~.6 a larger unit like Ogryn is ~.8.  If time is not set properly - jitter or pause may result.
You may need to change the animations if you are using custom animations - below are the ARMA Cold War Crisis defaults.
Default Bis run animation: _unit playMove "CombatSprintF";
Default Bis crawl animation: _unit playMove "LyingFastCrawlF"
Autorun = [(name of unit)] exec "Arun_Acrawl.sqs"
Autorunbreak = (name of unit) addAction ["Auto-stop - "+format ["%1",(name of unit)], "Arun_Acrawl_break.sqs"] - this runs other script that has a returned value to switch on/off script manually if player chooses via the addaction.


Script by WW2Weasel for WH40K Mod
This script written regarding tedious long range running of unit. 
This portion of the Autorun scripts is to handle controlled exit from script by player.
Autorunbreak = player addAction ["Auto-run stop", "Arun_Acrawl_break.sqs"] - run from inside Arun_Acrawl.sqs
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: Evil's Last Will (Arma 3)
« Last post by Undeceived on 28 May 2016, 00:48:02 »
Now these were some thrilling posts - very immersing as well! :D

SBG you did it! You really found a way to destroy the mission. :D Good job! I never thought about what happens if the player takes the resistance fighters along to Hunapu. :) I'll take care of that, the farewell should take place in every case - if not at the designated place then on the way to the village.

On the missing tasks - damn, this is a bug! I experienced it as well (normally every task should be there) but have no idea how to reproduce and how to fix it. If all fails, I'll probably put a note in the briefing. The solution is to exit the mission and then resume it.

Other than that - great posts full of useful feedback. Still some work to do. Thanks, guys! :good:

Somehow I overlooked Manzilla - I'll definitely add him. And the Readme still is "alpha" too.
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: Evil's Last Will (Arma 3)
« Last post by johnnyboy on 27 May 2016, 22:36:57 »
Finally put another hour into this and got as far as Pacamac.  Everything works perfect, no bugs.  Sniper before Pacamac was puzzling, I could see his muzzle flashes, but not him.  Sent civ as bait over to him, and he didn't take the bait.  So I ran away from him.

I dropped my weapons in Pacamac and took 2 steps back and they hosed me.  Guess I need to stand still.  Will find out next session.

One more grammer correction: When you get new orders to go to Pacamac, there is this phrase:  "take over the coast for since a few days".  Remove the word "since".

I still think this is one of the best (if not the best) SP mission I've played.

I admit a few stretches were long walks and I 4Xed them.
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: Evil's Last Will (Arma 3)
« Last post by savedbygrace on 27 May 2016, 21:02:05 »
Tested the mission once. Here are my findings.
Looked through the old thread and noticed you missed Manzilla in the testing credits. Not sure if this was intentional or not. You also didn't include any of that detail in the mission download Readme. Perhaps a link to this thread would be enough? Whatever you decide, there are no standards anymore.

I didn't get the intro til the end. I was confused why you had a heli insertion during the intro when you used boats at mission start. It wasn't until contemplating the mission whole after the play test that it became apparent that the whole thing was a recalling of memories. My favorite scene in the intro was the slow motion angle above the little bird as the rain was falling.

Being unfamiliar with the armory, i just skipped without changing anything. I was afraid of altering the balance or leaving something essential behind. Perhaps a hint or two to help the player know that all is ready unless he would like to change something? Not sure really.
I was eager to see how different the game play would be from Arma1, since Arma3 is superior in every way. I was not disappointed. I was utterly immersed throughout the infiltration. The only thing i dislike about Arma3 is that you as a player try to pick the shaded paths to navigate through so sunlight doesn't reflect anything into the distance but as you turn the shadows change. I have to remind myself that the AI don't see shadows. They are programmed to acknowledge objects by using variables such as class name, stance, speed and line of sight. That's how immersed I was though. I found myself repeatedly reminding myself of protocol when faced with patrols or guards. Avoid them and stick to the game plan. I made it to the over watch without being spotted, spilled through the whole cinematic process and did end up having to reload several times because I would jump the gun and kill the officer before given the order. Alas, I finally waited orders and took out the target. I had been able to fire a burst then roll behind a rock before spotted. I then stayed put for about 5 or 10 minutes while the bees buzzed. I thought ex-filtrating away from the scene would be more difficult but again, reminding myself to only engage when engaged saved me from unneeded pressure. In fact I was spotted by a lone officer along a ridge and shot at but he missed and I was able to flank and kill him to grab some more supplies.

At one point during my trek to Pacamac, I was prone beneath a conifer and a patrol(without NVGs) literally crossed within a stride of me on either side but never spotted me. I'm not sure if it was because I didn't move or what. But it was certainly a raised blood pressure moment.

Once over the mountains, I adhered to the high slopes as best as I could until I heard the lone civy shouting for help. This was immersive also until he shouted on the radio too. Once you join him to the player, the radio commands were loud and disruptive to the immersion. Especially when he began to call out targets.

At Pacamac, the whole cinematic went by after dropping my weapons, I push back to the mountains, glad to be rid of the civy, to meet up with the others. Mataredo went well, as did the spetz camp. Grenades were still very effective against them but this time, those behind cover actually remained alive(imagine that).

Maybe spawn a rabbit with that sound in the bush? Makes no real difference to be honest, the player should be focused on whats ahead anyhow.

Afterward, the convoy was disabled(I missed a tank due to the spread) and I encountered some trouble with the AI not wanting to traverse too steep of slopes. So, I was forced to move along the ridge until I was close to Hanupu.

I was engaged with a patrol when the radio for resistance delivery was issued and missed the coordinates. Instead I went onto Hanupu, where a cinematic of the spetz group approached the town. I think the resistance fighters began firing on them because the car stopped, the officer got out and went prone in the grass for a while. I also noticed some dead soldiers in the car. After a while, the officer gets up and stands there. Moments later it switches to him walking to the civy, the car has been moved? And the cinema plays out. I approach the town, the officer is standing still, the uaz is nowhere in sight, and there are 2 other soldiers in the town(survivors from the resistance shooting at the car I guessed) I take em all out, climb the hill and totally overlook the radio command at first. Nothing happens so I begin to run toward Pacamac. That's when I trigger the resistance to part ways with us along the road. Rid of them, I finally see the radio command and rush to the hill and call for evac.

The entire mission there were no tasks displayed in the task area(Which is why I was confused what to do at times). Out of all of those tasks(according to the mission log) only 3 completed..."Attack convoy", "Little Bother" and "Evac". If I had not played this one before, I may have not been able to finish.

Also, none of the map markers disappeared after completion. Removing those and only displaying the current marker would also help to guide the player.

The mission end cutscene had some dark scenes that were pointless.

I think I could see your vision of how you wanted this to unfold but it seemed a little cut up and the flow was disrupted by poor angles and swift camera sweeps as well as uncontrolled AI movement.

The only potential bug was at the end as I explained with that cinema. What if the resistance would have killed the officer? Would the scene had continued or become stuck?
If you're not going to use tasks, use markers and waypoints as guides for the player. And force the resistance to hold fire at the start of that cutscene just in the case the player brings them with him to Hanupu.

Perfect length, I feel. The mission was not too taxing but as the same time, challenging in that it provides a sense of how unexpected events can effect a mission at any moment, forcing a unit to adjust and dig deep to find that extra strength to keep going to see it through.

The horrors of war have become so visible in our internet society that people have become numb to its effect. So trying to portray not only the grisly nature of ending someones precious life early but the effects of it upon someones mentality can be a daunting task in these days.
I think much of the depth of what you tried to convey was lost in your attempt to bring it to Arma. If the faces had animation to show emotion, you would have been much more successful.

I realize that this is only a port. I don't think you have the heart to mess with it much more(I wouldn't). Just fix the markers, the tasks or guidance system and prevent the AI from interfering with cut scenes and I think it would all be good.
Oh, sorry, I don't rember it detailed enough - if you want me to I will re-load an old savegame and try again in the coming weeks (upcoming holiday travel tomorrow).
Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: Evil's Last Will (Arma 3)
« Last post by Undeceived on 21 May 2016, 12:59:00 »
Danke, mathias - much appreciated! :)

I implemented the arsenal this way (cudos to Larrow at the BIF!):

Code: [Select]
//Preload arsenal lists
[ "Preload" ] call BIS_fnc_arsenal;

//Add all your stuff to the PLAYER ( all it does is sets some variables on an object, that object then acts as arsenal whitelist )
//[ whitelist object, STUFF, isglobal, add action ]

[ player, [

], false, false ] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualWeaponCargo;

[ player, [
], false, false ] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualMagazineCargo;

[ player, [






], false, false ] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualItemCargo;

sleep 0.1;

//Pop open the arsenal display - [ full version, object that holds whitelist, object to alter ( user of arsenal ) ]
["Open",[false,player, player]] call bis_fnc_arsenal;

sleep 1;

//Wait until Arsenal is closed by player:
waitUntil { isnull ( uinamespace getvariable "RSCDisplayArsenal" ) };

On the potential bugs:
1) After the civilian goes his own ways just before Hunapu my #2 gets stuck in the forest, and only ever moves when ordered to board the evac helo.
  • Did only one resistance fighter survive? (did he go alone or was he picked up at that house?)
  • Do you know which one it was? Jegor, "resistance fighter", "young fighter" or "Mateas" (the sniper)?
  • Did FALKE stop right after joining you again? Can you elaborate on that a bit more?


Yeah - they say Arma 1 coordinates, that's true. But I'm not in touch with the voice actors anymore so I can't correct that. :dunno:
Wow, what a mammoth of a mission. Let's see if I can compile one of my detailed  beta tests like back in the old days.  :whistle:

Overview and loading screen

Great choice of images, sparse overview text, but piques my curiosity.


Very detailed, original military style affair, tells me everything I need to know, and it also features pictures.


Some weird camera angles, but these are probably leftovers from ArmA1 scripting, e.g. back then you might not have had the whole knowledge. Voice overs are great, especially since they are German.


Great weapon selection, how did you manage to implement the Armory into your mission?

Insertion went without a problem. I could avoid any patrols, but felt some urgency, as I could hear some distant shots, maybe the enemy would already gun down civilians.
Just before I took the shot that killed that villain, memories of Arma1 came back, as my character mused if he should pull the trigger or not.

But I waited and then the mission became much longer. I travelled to a village to discover that dropping my stuff too slow is rather unhealthy (great idea to implement this), RV'ed with my comrade, cleared a village, a forest SF camp, ambushed a convoy, had a hot exfil towards Hunapu (those pesky paratroopers killed most of my squad), and finally I was picked up by helo.

Yes, this mission IS melodramatic, to the point that the only thing missing is the line Tell *cough* my wife *cough* that I love her.....  :D
But that is your style, and when it is a wee bit toned down (like in Black Lands Campaign), it is an excellent feature.

There are only 2 potential bugs:
1) After the civilian goes his own ways just before Hunapu my #2 gets stuck in the forest, and only ever moves when ordered to board the evac helo.
2) The voiceover gives ArmA1 coordinates, the on-screen text gives the ArmA3 ones (really a minor thing).


A mission that feels realistic (I don't think real SF soldiers get a helo lift for just a few kilometers between their objectives) yet sports a kind of made-for-TV-movie-drama at the same time. Unique and likeable mixture.

Arma3 - Single Player Beta Testing / Re: Evil's Last Will (Arma 3)
« Last post by Undeceived on 18 May 2016, 18:09:41 »
Damn, are they just standing around?? Oops :) Thanks for the hint, I forgot to optimize that.

Some nice ideas for that part, expect the one or the other in the next version.
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