[OFPRes] MCAR Engine by Psychic Productions

Version 0.9.4
Added 25 Mar 2015
Downloads 423
Demo included No
Filesize 12.99MB
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MCAR Engine is the latest development in Project MCAR, an addon enabling Car class vehicles to fire missiles in Operation Flaspoint: Resistance/Cold War Assault.

This is what the Project MCAR was initially aimed to be, a fully stand-alone engine in which the AddOn makers could tap into with relative ease to produce their own MCAR powered vehicles.

The Package includes:

  • The Latest MCAR Engine

  • SA-8 AA vehicle

  • SA-9 AA Vehicle

  • SA-10 AA Vehicle

  • M151A1 Jeep with recoilless rifle

  • A few variants of HMMWV with TOW launcher (AT vehicle)

The vehicles aren't pretty or may not even represent the vehicle they're meant to be 100%, they're provided as an example on how to implement the MCAR Engine into your own AddOns.

For further support visit PsyProd forums.


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